Pool Automation: Making Pool Owners’ Lives Easier

Pool automation is a growing industry that can help pool owners save time and money. Automation of swimming pools can include many different features like cleaning and filtering, chemical dosing, and lighting. Read more here.

A little convenience can go a long way for swimming pools. Whether you want to set a schedule for your heater, operate the pump, or your pool’s filtration system with a button, an automated pool system may do the trick. The advantages of swimming pool automation are numerous—and each one provides unmatched optimization.

Home Application with Pool Automation

Pool automation is well worth the investment due to its ease of use, smartphone access, and dependable control. Moreover, today’s most advanced smart control systems may be fully connected with your mobile device, putting you in control at all times.

“These handy and helpful devices are becoming more common among consumers every year. By the end of 2017, about half of Americans were using voice assistants, especially on their smartphones, but also on standalone devices.”

Matt, founder of Swim University

What Is Pool Automation

Pool automation

Pool automation has become a trend in pool ownership because it provides many benefits for owners. The first advantage is that pool automation is low-maintenance. 

You need to change the filter every week to prevent bacteria from contaminating your pool. Whenever you decide to automate your pool, it will be much easier to keep the filters clean and bacteria-free because you will only need to do it once in a while.

Another thing that makes automation so popular is that when there are no humans in the pool, it emits less chlorine than people swimming in it. This helps owners save money from buying heating and chlorine products.

In addition, pool automation is great because it will help people who have a small amount of time to devote to their pools. Pool automation will make a routine for a person’s pool, which means that it will not require much attention from an owner. This helps owners save the time they may need for other activities and allows more time to enjoy while in the pool. 

In many cases, pool automation can save up to one or 3 to 4 hours every week compared to the amount of time that would usually be spent on maintaining a pool without automation.

What Are the Benefits of Swimming Pool Automation?

Now that you understand how swimming pool automation functions, you can take advantage of its most significant advantages. But what exactly are the advantages of automating your swimming pool? Let’s have a look at the best ones, as each is responsible for a smooth, efficient automation experience.

1. Ease of Maintaining Chemicals

With an automatic system, you will have full control over how often your chemicals are being delivered via programmable cycles. This feature comes with many benefits, including keeping the pool safe at all times, reducing health hazards, and ensuring optimal water quality.

2. Control Over the Pool via a Remote

Controlling swimming pool via remote

Using a remote control is the perfect way to monitor the pool when you are out. You can access your pool with complete control via an app on your phone or electronic devices. Some devices even include direct access to the internet, allowing you to remotely monitor all of your parameters no matter where you are. 

This technology gives you the ability to monitor, adjust and control your pool from one convenient place. You can set up alerts, inspections, or even deliver chemicals to your swimming pool without having to be there in person.

Using swimming automation makes it easier for people who run a business and want a way to keep their pools fully functional while they’re away at work.

3. Multi-System Automation

Checking setting of pool and spa

Your pool and spa automation system will initially have a central hub, switches, and controls to improve fundamental pool functions. Still, you may automate various systems to transform your pool experience completely. Switching control choices between your pool and spa is simple, allowing you to spend less time and energy if you want to have a different poolside experience than you now have.

Once you understand how swimming pool automation works, it’s simple to link different pool systems. Certain homeowners like the ease of connecting water leak sensors, LED light strips, motion sensor alarms, sound systems, and many intelligent outlets. Because each element is remotely controllable, you’ll be able to operate your entire system from the system’s central hub (smartphone).

How Does Pool Automation Works Nowadays

Tablet used for pool automation

Those that switch to an automated pool system are in for a world of adventure. Bear in mind that automatic pool and spa systems are all about stress-free, convenient access.

Whether you have a tiny poolside area, a magnificent backyard retreat, or a spa area, updating your swimming area provides the latest, finest experience achievable.

1. For Vacations

Some homeowners install automated pool and spa systems to reduce their worries when they’re on vacation. Who wants to be concerned about a large energy bill because they weren’t present to maintain a consistent pool temperature? With an automation system, you can set up your swimming pool to a “Vacation” mode, and your system will take care of the rest.

2. For Daily and Seasonal Weather Changes

Other homeowners like the ability to automate their swimming pool and spa systems based on daily and seasonal weather changes.

Some people want to warm up their pool water in the colder months, and they find that setting a temperature range with automation helps them keep their pool at a comfortable level.

3. For Spa Nights

Perhaps you’d want to designate your spa as a venue for special occasions. No trouble at all! Even if you’re out to dinner, you can use your smartphone to turn on your spa before you come home. Prepare the water ahead of time, and you’ll be able to enjoy a comfortable water temperature the moment you walk in the door.

4. For Social Time

With a few keystrokes, you can quickly get the party vibes going. With easy-to-access temperature controls, lighting selections, and spa options, you’ll be ready to mingle at any time of day or night. A large number of pool enthusiasts are already using these installations to create beautiful, spontaneous poolside experiences.

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