Must-Have Pool Accessories for Improved Above Ground Pool Safety

Protect your family and friends from accidents with these pool accessories. Be sure to add these to your pool to improve safety.

Owning an above-ground pool is an excellent investment when you think of all the family time it can give you and the joy your children will experience in the summer months. 

There is nothing quite like swimming in your above-ground pool. However, as every above-ground swimming pool owner can attest, pool ownership entails more than merely filling the pool with water and plunging in.

We’ve compiled a list below of some inexpensive above-ground pool accessories that are must-haves for any time of year!

Most above ground pool accessories are often divided into three broad categories:

Pool maintenance: This includes things like automated pool cleaners/vacuums, skimmers, and other tools and pool accessories that assist maintain your above-ground pool clean and clear of dirt and other debris.

Water circulation: To keep your pool healthy and free from contaminants, you’ll need a system with a filter that removes pollutants, a heater that maintains the right temperature, and a skimmer that assists in removing larger debris.

Safety needs: As a responsible pool owner, you must ensure that your pool is equipped with the essential safety measures to ensure swimmers remain safe. Pool accessories like ladders and swimming pool covers will help guarantee that your above-ground pool is a safe and enjoyable environment.

Above Ground Pool Ladder

An above ground pool with ladder

While most above-ground swimming pools include ladders, we believe that this is a worthwhile pool accessory to upgrade. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Quality. The ladders that come with above-ground pools are adequate for their intended use, but their materials and construction aren’t usually geared toward long-term durability. In the long run, buying a ladder separately will save you money and provide you with a better product.
  • Safety. Suppose you’re searching for above-and-beyond safety measures. In that case, you can add a variety of thoughtful additions (think handrails and slip-resistant stairs) to your above-ground pool by purchasing a separate ladder.
  • Style. Pool ladders don’t have to be boring. There are several ladders available that blend purpose and aesthetics. You can choose pool ladders that resemble elegantly curled steps or a sleek stainless steel ladder for a more modern, minimalist style.

Whichever ladder you pick for your above-ground pool, you should always go for heavy-duty construction and long-lasting materials. Stainless steel or UV-protected polyethylene plastic, for example, will endure longer and withstand the weather better than other materials. 

Ensure that you select a ladder with railings (this safety feature is essential for elders or anyone who might have trouble getting in and out of the pool). Additionally, unless you are confident of your pool’s precise dimensions, seek an adjustable ladder to ensure a secure fit.

Ensure Safety in Your Pool With a Ladder Pad

Even high-quality ladders can be rough on the pool’s bottom. A ladder pad will protect the lining of your pool from holes, rips, and punctures. These affordable pool accessories come in various sizes and give an additional layer of padding between your pool ladder and your pool liner. 

Above Ground Pool Lights

Lights in above ground pool

For an above-ground pool, lights are a must-have accessory for the perfect finishing touch. Swimming pool lights help keep swimmers safe (particularly if you plan to use your pool at night), and they may also add a decorative touch with entertaining features like color-changing light shows.

Whether you like standard white bulbs or rainbow-hued lights, pool lighting is also a relatively simple update for an above-ground pool – especially if you opt for LED lights.

LED lights are popular among pool owners because they are simple to install, last a long time, and consume less energy than other types of pool lighting. There’s also a Magnetic LED light available in the market designed exclusively for above-ground pools.

Although LED lights are good options, there are also some alternatives. Of course, you don’t have to use magnetic lights if you need a more permanent swimming pool lighting solution. Moreover, most swimming pool suppliers also sell halogen light systems that permanently attach to the walls of your above-ground pool. However, bear in mind that these lightings involve cutting into your pool wall.

Above Ground Pool Skimmer

An above ground pool with skimmer and hose

The pool skimmer is one of the most basic of pool accessories, but it’s also indispensable. A skimmer collects water accumulated at the bottom of the pool, usually through rain or other runoff. This water can contain debris like dust, leaves, insects, and even animal waste. Skimmers prevent these particles from entering your pool filter and contaminating your water.

The skimmers that come with many above-ground pools are often adequate for their purpose. However, for complete protection, look for skimmers with larger baskets to accommodate more debris at once. Another thing to keep an eye out for is a broader mouth to make it easier to remove the collected debris.

Above Ground Pool Liner

Above ground pool liner

Above ground pool liner provides the structure that supports the water in your pool so it’s definitely one of the most important pool accessories. The pool liner is constructed from a synthetic or rubberized material that won’t crack or degrade in sunlight or water. Above-ground pool liners are available in several shapes and styles depending on your taste and preference; you can select either solid color or patterns to match your pool’s overall decor.

If you’re searching for an aftermarket liner for an existing above-ground pool, there are many different shapes of liners to choose from, including oval, rectangular, kidney-shaped, etc…

In most circumstances, your decision on an above-ground swimming pool liner is determined by a few factors including:

  • Thickness. It would help if you chose a thick liner to provide adequate protection for your pool. Thicker liners can last longer, even when they are in direct sunlight.
  • Design and color. There are numerous different designs and patterns available to match your existing pool decor. Some liners come in solid colors, while others come in patterns.
  • Attachment type. There’s the cost-effective “overlap” type, which is kept in place by strips of coping. It’s more convenient for the wallet, but it’s a bit more challenging to install evenly. If you’ve got more wiggle space room, consider opting for a “beaded” liner, which connects to a rail around your pool. Beaded liners are a little more pricey, but they are less difficult to install.
Note: “Some dogs are obsessed with water – so if you have an above-ground vinyl-lined swimming pool, you may want to reconsider letting Fido take a dip. Your dog's toenails may grab, rip, or puncture your new vinyl pool liner — regardless of how thick, robust, or durable it is.” -

Above Ground Pool Liner Pad

If you want to extend the life of your swimming pool liner, a pool liner pad is one of the must-have pool accessories. Pool liner pads are usually put between the swimming pool liner and the ground to add protection.

Pool liner pads are constructed of breathable, mildew-resistant foam. The majority of them are durable enough to shield your pool liner from pebbles, roots, and other typical causes of damages.

Above Ground Pool Cover

An above ground pool covered with pool cover

Pool covers are ideal if you live in an area with lots of rain or snow. An above-ground pool cover will protect your swimming pool from damage due to harsh weather conditions. These are critical swimming pool accessories for long-term care. Not only will it keep your swimming pool clean, but it also can save you a lot of time and money. Most winter pool covers are custom-sized to fit your above-ground pool.

Just like other pool accessories on this list, an above-ground pool cover will protect your swimming pool’s liner against damage due to harsh weather conditions. Extreme weather includes strong winds, hot sun, freezing temperatures, and heavy snowfall.

Opt for a pool cover constructed of heavy-duty coated polyethylene that features a winch-and-cable system for a secure fit to ensure basic safety. The majority of safety covers are available in various colors, allowing you to complement your pool’s finish or outdoor décor design.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the importance of proper pool lighting for above ground pools?

Proper pool lighting ensures better visibility in and around the pool area, especially during evening hours. It enhances safety by preventing accidents and providing clear visibility.

Why is it important to have a first aid kit near the above ground pool?

A first aid kit near the pool allows for immediate response to minor injuries or accidents that may occur while swimming. It provides essential supplies for initial care before professional help arrives.

How can safety signs and pool safety nets improve above ground pool safety?

Safety signs provide clear guidelines and rules for pool users, helping prevent accidents. Pool safety nets can be used to cover the pool and create a barrier, keeping children and pets safe from accidental falls into the water.

Can pool covers improve safety for above ground pools?

Yes, pool covers can improve safety by preventing accidental entry into the pool and reducing the risk of drowning incidents. However, it’s important to choose a cover designed for safety and proper installation.

Author’s Note

Above-ground pool accessories may help you guarantee that you get the most fun out of your pool while also extending the life of your pool structure.

Quite unsure about the best accessory for your above-ground swimming pool? Your local pool specialist can assist you in selecting the appropriate equipment for you and your above-ground pool. Below are more tips for keeping your family and friends safe while swimming. Happy swimming!

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