Filling Above Ground Pools With Water: 3 Easy & Safe Ways

There are easy ways to filling above ground pools. Here are some tips to help you fill your pool with water the right way.

Once you’ve purchased an above-ground pool, the next step is to fill it with water. But how do you proceed with this crucial step?

There are several ways to go about filling above-ground pools, but the best one depends on different factors. In this article, we will help you find the one that suits the area where you reside. 

Ways For Filling Above-Ground Pools With Water

City Water

White Water Tank in City

For some pool owners, this is the most convenient way to fill the above-ground pool. It just involves putting up the water hose directly into your swimming pool. But, this is not always the most cost-efficient method.

Water bills can shoot quite high, especially when you have a large pool. If you go about this choice, it’s best to give your local municipality or city water district a call and ask how much filling up your pool would cost.

By checking out your pool’s manual, you can have an estimate of how much water your pool can carry.  Many water districts would work out with you and even give a discount for using large quantities like this. 

For the common households, the sewage bill and water usage correlate with each other. So, if you let your local company know what you’ll be using this huge quantity of water for, they might give you some discount on sewer charges. In the city where your only choice is your local water, we suggest asking for an estimate first before filling your pool with water.

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If the cost is reasonable for you, then city water is the best choice for filling your above-ground pool. It’s safe for your health, safe for swimming, and ready for consumption. But of course, you still have to add chlorine to fight off all the contaminants that can enter from different sources.

“There is no definitive answer to the question of how long it takes to fill a swimming pool. The process of filling a 5,000-gallon pool may be completed in less than an hour if the water is delivered by truck and dumped into the pool all at the same time.

However, if you intend to fill the pool with fresh water from a garden hose, it might take many hours. The amount of time it takes to fill the pool is determined by the number of gallons per minute your water hose can provide.”

Herb Kirchhoff,

Water Delivery Service

Water delivery is an excellent choice for those living in rural areas or far away from a water source. The prices will depend on how much water you need, and it could be the most affordable option for those living in secluded areas.

White Truck with Water Tank

Water delivery options are much faster than filling your above-ground pool with tap water using a hose. Water delivery service offers bulk water service right to your doorstep and fills your swimming pool in a matter of several hours. However, this alternative is not available in some places, so you’ll have to do a little bit of online research.

And while you may find a lot of them online, primarily if you reside in Florida and California, it’s good to ask recommendations to seasoned pool owners from a local pool store or your friend that has a pool. This can provide you with the best deal because they vary quite a bit in cost.

When you find the perfect company, they’ll ask you for information to get you the best possible price. They’ll want to know the size and capacity of your pool. It’s easy to figure this out yourself, but it’s probably easier to look at the manual, call the manufacturer, or visit their online website.

You’ll also want to know a couple of things from them. Do they offer treated water? Some companies offer a pre chlorinated water for additional fees. Some can even balance the water for you, and some don’t mess with the water chemistry at all. If they don’t offer this service, you might as well balance and shock it yourself before anyone swims in it.

Also, you’ll have to ask if their hose can reach your pool from where they park the truck. If they can’t reach your pool, you’ll probably still get charged as part of the fee. 

Then, if you’ve already closed the deal, make sure your pool is as clean as it gets. There’s no point in fighting dirt, and other contaminants after the pool are full of water. 

Some companies also offer services where they pump out and dispose of your old swimming pool water. So bear in this mind. This can save your time and money if ever you need to start over the next pool season. 

One other alternative to filling your above-ground pool is by asking the fire department. Although not many fire departments do this anymore because of the time and cost, it doesn’t hurt to ask and try. If they agree, they usually don’t charge a lot and might even ask you for a donation instead.

Well Water

Filling Above-Ground Pool with Well Water

You’re in luck if you have well water on your property. This is probably the cheaper option for filling your above-ground pool. However, there are risks associated with well water. This is why the options above are highly recommended. Because you have to rely on your property’s healthy water, you’re putting your whole family at risk when they use the pool.

The well water is often contaminated by many different things that are in the ground. Many of these are just naturally occurring, but others are substances humans have put into the environment. Although it’s not always possible to see them, they still negatively affect our bodies.

If you choose to fill the above-ground pool with this type of water, make sure you treat it first before using it for human enjoyment. You may want to call an aquatics specialist or an environmental consultant to help you out with this issue.

Moreover, don’t consider this as a big deal in the grand scheme of things. It just means it would take some effort to balance out the chemistry of your pool water. However, if you’re trying to cut out some time and money on chemicals, this shouldn’t be your option. 

What Happens When the Water in Your Pool Is Too Low?

High water levels happen if you live in an area where it often rains. It only takes one heavy rainstorm to overfill your pool. When the water level is too high, your skimmer can’t function effectively. The filter can’t function as effectively as it could, so debris might start to accumulate.

Bottom Line

When you already decided to own an above-ground pool, the temptation to use it as soon as possible can mean opting out of the fastest filling methods possible. However, water is not cheap, and you have to decide carefully about how you will start filling your above-ground pool before you purchase one. 

We hope this guide helps you know the best way to fill the above-ground pool by yourself. Also, you can find articles about swimming pool safety and maintenance on our website. We have listed a few below. Wishing you well and happy swimming!

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