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At The Pool Passion we combine enthusiasm and know-how. Pool Design Lovers & Pool Care Geeks will help you create the favourite spot of your house.

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brian anderson

Brian Anderson

The rather dry pool world out there is in need of some passion to make it shine. We consider ourselves a combination of pool geeks and pool lovers. 

Full of enthusiasm about the greatest place in the house, we want to help you sort all the little problems that come around it, so you enjoy it as much as we do.

Maria Anderson

Maria Anderson

I am an arts and design lover. My passion are swimming pools and gardening. Follow me in our family project here at ThePoolPassion.com where we want to help everyone to make their dream pool become reality.

Ruben Anderson

Ruben Anderson

I consider myself a pool and gadget geek. On ThePoolPassion.com I review anything techie that helps us to run a pool more effectively and efficiently.