How to Winterize Intex Pool Fast & Easy!

It’s time to get your above ground pool ready for the cold months. This article will tell you how to winterize intex pool. Find out how to close your pool for winter here.

Winterizing an Intex above-ground pool is an easy process that will help your pool last much longer.

If the cold months are fast approaching, you don’t want to procrastinate winterizing your Intex pool. Intex swimming pools can quickly ice up in extreme winter conditions. 

Winterizing your Intex pool above ground pool is essential for extending the longevity of your pool and ensuring it is ready when pool season comes. 

Read this article to learn all the steps to winterize Intex pool. The benefits are well worth the time and effort.

What’s the Meaning of Winterizing Intex Pools?

Intex Pool with Ladder

It’s actually really simple-it’s all about making your pool safe for the season. 

It may be tempting to leave the pool out all season, but this can lead to problems. A swimming pool without adequate winterization is at risk of freezing over. This will cause the water in the Intex pool line to freeze, creating cracks and ruining the structure of your pool.

Winterizing your Intex pool means you’ll be able to enjoy it for many more years.

Due to the lightweight materials used by Intex, the pool setup is quick and simple. However, this convenience comes at the cost of the pool being more susceptible to ice damage.

Leaving your Intex pool outside in cold weather might cause the pool lining to burst totally. That is not a situation you wish to clean up or mend. This can cause severe damage that’s impossible to restore. 

Things You Need to Make Sure Before You Start Winterizing Your Intex Pool

Pool Test Kit before Winterizing

Before you start winterizing your Intex pool, it’s important to make sure you have everything you’ll need.

The best thing to do is take time in advance of the season to gather all your supplies and assemble them in one place. This will make things much easier when the time comes that you need to drain the pool and cover it for winter.

Here are a few reminders for all Intex pool owners who want to begin winterizing their pools in the next coming days. Take a look:

  • Make sure the pool’s water is in the proper pH balance:

Check to ensure that the pool water is on the optimal PH scale. Although 7.4 is the optimal range, a reading between 7.2 and 7.6 would still be as acceptable and safe to use.

  • Make sure the pool’s water alkalinity levels are in optimal range:

The alkalinity level of the water in the pool should range between 100 and 150 parts per million. This would undoubtedly help to maintain the water’s safety.

  • Measure the level of chlorine:

The right amount of chlorine levels in the pool water indicates that it is bacteria and germ-free. Conversely, an excessive or insufficient amount of chlorine is not safe. Thus, pool owners must ensure that the chlorine level is at 3.0.

  • Retest the water as necessary

You should constantly balance the chemistry levels of your pool water. If the chemical content is unbalanced or excessive, get a liquid shock treatment to adjust the levels and test the water every two hours.

Tools and Chemicals You’ll Need in Winterizing Your Intex Pool

Make sure you gather all the necessary tools and chemicals beforehand. Here’s a list of items you’ll need to winterize Intex pool.

  • Pool vacuum
  • Pool cover
  • Swimming pool winterizing chemical kit

7 Quick Steps to Winterize Intex Pool

Cleaning Intex Pool with Vacuum

Winterizing an above-ground pool should be completed at least seven to eight days before the days get colder and colder. Most importantly, you have to do the steps in chronological order to avoid any issues in the middle of winter. So here are quick steps you can follow to initiate winterizing your Intex pool.  

Step 1: Balance the Water Chemistry of Your Pool

Properly balanced water chemistry will make winterizing your Intex pool easier and less likely to result in issues. It helps prevent the pool from being a breeding ground for bacteria and algae. That’s why it’s essential to test the pH balance of your pool before beginning. Just ensure that the PH scale of the water is 7.4 before winterizing your Intex pool.

Step 2: Thoroughly Clean Your Intex Pool

Thoroughly clean your pool to help prevent any bacteria or any other debris which can cause harm to your Intex pool. A thorough cleaning will also help restore the water to its original state at the end of winter. To remove big particles, you might use an above-ground pool vacuum. You can finish all of these tasks with ease since Intex pools are simple to clean and maintain.

Step 3: Establish the Right Water Chemistry Levels

Checking Chemistry Level of Pool - pH and Chlorine

The most crucial step in the process of winterizing your Intex pool is balancing your pool’s water chemistry. If this is done incorrectly, water may become severely contaminated because of extreme temperature changes. 

Use an oxidizer, an algaecide, or a sequestering agent to halt the growth of algae and other microorganisms. Then, run the pool pump for 24 hours to let the chemicals circulate throughout the pool. You can buy a winterizing chemical kit for your Intex pool, which comes with comprehensive winterizing instructions.

Step 4: Maintain the Level of Pool Water Low

After balancing your pool’s water chemistry,  drain it until it reaches approximately 6 inches below the skimmer line. Many pool owners attempt to empty the pool entirely. However, you don’t have to do this as it may expose the pool to harm.

Important: “While draining the pool, keep a watch on the hose to ensure it does not move and remain directed away from you, your home,  and other structures.” -Matt Giovanisci, founder of Swim University®

Step 4: Maintain the Level of Pool Water Low

Make sure to properly clean the cartridges and the sand filter if you are currently using one. Wash and dry the above-ground pool pump and hoses before you store them in a secure and dry area away from children and pets. Shut down the power supply and disable any plumbing. Making use of a shop vacuum can also help to blow out the water quickly. Also, remember to re-tighten the piping when the water has fully evaporated.

Step 6: Store All Pool Accessories in a Secure Place

Remove all pool-related accessories like pool heaters. Extreme weather can easily damage these pool attachments – toys, ladders, fountains, etc. However, be sure to thoroughly clean them before storing them in a safe and dry place. 

Step 7: Install the Above Ground Pool Cover

The pool cover is one of the most essential steps of winterizing your Intex pool. It not only protects your Intex pool from damage but also prevents debris and dirt from getting in there too. This pool cover also acts as a shield against strong winds throughout the whole winter season.


This should ensure that you continue to enjoy your pool for many pool seasons to come. You do not need to pay a pool specialist to demonstrate how to winterize Intex pool; you can do it yourself with the proper tools and instructions.

While it may be challenging at first, it should become easier with each passing year as you prepare the pool for the winter months. You can find articles about swimming pool safety and maintenance on our website. We have listed a few below. Thanks for reading!

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