5 Best Pool Umbrella You Can Buy Right Now and Why Pool Owners Needs It

Pool umbrellas are essential for every pool. There are different types of umbrellas and features. Here are the 5 best pool umbrellas that you should consider buying for your pool.

Summer is around the corner, and most of you are probably looking into getting an umbrella for your patio.

There are many types of umbrellas that you can choose from, and in this article, you’ll know about pool umbrellas, and we will be reviewing the best pool umbrella on the market.

Reasons Why You Should Buy The Best Pool Umbrella

A big green umbrella by the poolside for shade

The best pool umbrella will protect you from the sun’s rays and keep you cool. Furthermore, it can be used for more than just at the pool. The benefits of the best pool umbrella are threefold. It can help prevent sunburns, reduce heatwaves, and act as a shelter against rain.

If you want to find out more about this unbeatable option for the summer days, please continue reading.

Prevents Sunburn and Skin Damage

The best pool umbrella will help to prevent sunburns and the effects of ultraviolet light. This will soothe your skin as well as protect you from the sun’s harmful rays. You can use it to keep cool while sitting on the poolside, or during a barbecue party.

Note: “The sun and its UV rays will eat up your pool chlorine before it can clean your water.” - Matt, founder of Swim University

Protect the Children From Sunburn

Umbrella huts behind swimming children

While you should constantly take care of your skin and apply sunscreen, other people might find it dangerous to be out during the summer. 

Babies and children often take their first warm baths and love water. While they do not need to go into the pool, they may enjoy it just as much. To make sure you keep the kids out of harm’s way, we recommend getting the best pool umbrella for them as well as for adults.

Provides Adults a Shady Spot for Some Exercise

If you have a pool in the summer, then you likely know how hard it is to get any exercise. Of course, pool workouts can help you out, but most people struggle with getting the motivation to work out especially when the day is hot. If this is your problem, then purchasing the best pool umbrella is a great way to get some sun protection and exercise at the same time.

Why Are Umbrellas the Best for Poolside Shade?

There are many various forms of shade available, so why would you choose an umbrella? Compared to other types of shade solutions, using an outside umbrella for your pool provides a lot of diversity.

With a rotating cantilever umbrella, you’ll be able to shade multiple areas of your pool, saving you time and money. Then, when you’re relaxing in the poolside, you may move your umbrella to cover the water while you take a refreshing plunge. A patio umbrella is an excellent solution for providing modular shade throughout the day.

What Is a Cantilever Umbrella?

A Cantilever Umbrella in the Pool Backyard

A cantilever umbrella differs from a standard umbrella because it features the iconic center pole. The umbrella is supported by the offset pole, which is anchored to the ground and allows the umbrella to stand free.

Swimming pools benefit from this because they will enable you to make full use of the shade. After all, the pole is out to the side, leaving all the space beneath the canopy for you to enjoy the shade. Additionally, it is an excellent shade umbrella for deck chairs; you may sit beneath the umbrella where the pole is installed.

Rotating Umbrella

A rotating cantilever umbrella is an intelligent choice. If you decide to shift from poolside to the water, you could rotate the umbrella where you want to dip with great convenience and superb engineering. This is incredibly convenient during the summer times when the sun and its rays grow more intense since you can still enjoy the fresh air and have a good time while having a refreshing dip.

Another component to consider is the location of the sun during the day and throughout the whole year. A rotating umbrella allows you to rotate it 360 degrees to face the direction of the sun. It’s perfect for spending long, enjoyable days together with the family.

Umbrella Mountings

Umbrella Mountings

Every good outdoor umbrella needs a superb mounting option. Depending on the surface on which you intend to install it, you will require a portable or permanent mount. A temporary amount will be secured with concrete pavers, while a permanent mount will be attached to the patio or decking surrounding the pool.

Note: Make sure to always bear in mind tripping hazards around the pool when choosing the best solution for your area.

We suggest a surface plate or an in-ground anchor for poolside applications due to their lowest trip hazard. The greatest option is the in-ground anchor – while it requires the most effort to install, it is the best pool umbrella out there. If a watertight barrier surrounds your pool, you’ll either need a wall-mounted option or a self-supporting portable umbrella base.

5 Of The Best Pool Umbrellas

Now that you’ve determined what you need, it’s time to begin purchasing! To help you find the best pool umbrella in the market, we’ve selected the best outdoor patio umbrellas with various settings and uses.

1. Purple Leaf Outdoor Square Umbrella

This 10-foot square pool umbrella is adjustable in height and angle, providing you shade from all directions. Its high-quality polyester fabric is resistant to UV rays, waterproof, and will not fade under the sun. Additionally, the fabric is relatively easy to clean.

The heavy-duty aluminum ribs and steel umbrella frame are coated with an anti-oxidation for further durability. Although this umbrella comes with a storage cover, you will need to purchase an additional weighted base to hinder it from tipping over on a windy day.

2. Le Papillon Outdoor Pool Umbrella

This 15-foot umbrella can provide you with a lot of shade in your pool zone. You can efficiently operate it with a crank lift. This pool umbrella features multiple wind vents at the top. These vents improve airflow to provide more comfort while reducing the wind pressure keeping the pool umbrella more stable. The polyester fabric is both long-lasting and simple to clean.

Make sure to purchase the matching base to prevent the umbrella from flying away over windy days. The base is constructed of heavy-duty, weather-resistant plastic, and it may be filled with water or sand to provide additional stability.

3. The Blissun Pool Umbrella

A unique feature of the Bliss Umbrella that earned a spot on our list is its solar-powered lighting. Over 32 LED lights attached to the underside make an excellent illumination, especially at night. This is an excellent alternative for providing optimal shade for your pool during the day and a bit of lighting at night time. Indeed, this pool umbrella can make a great contribution to your outdoor oasis.

The Bliss Umbrella is a breeze to use, and it tilts at the touch of a button. The hand crank operates to fold the umbrella without the need to turn on or off the lights. With a total diameter of nine feet, this umbrella is an excellent choice for maneuverability and coverage.

4. Ginelite Luxury Cantilever Umbrella

When it comes to aesthetics, the cantilever umbrellas offer the most elegant look. Ginelle Luxury Cantilever is a 10 ft umbrella that comes with a heavy-duty umbrella pole. With its 10-foot size, this umbrella provides superb protection because of its length.

This umbrella is designed with olefin fabric. This means it helps keep out harmful rays and doesn’t fade since it’s built for the sun. Ginelle Luxury Cantilever Umbrella is one of those pool equipment that we are confident can last for many years to come.

The wind vents and long-lasting durability of this umbrella pole and stand, contribute to making this 10-foot umbrella one of the safer options available on the market. If you are concerned about keeping yourself covered from the sun, this luxury umbrella is a perfect choice.

5. 3 Tiers Market Umbrella

Wind vents are essential on an umbrella if you reside in a region prone to strong winds. The vents enable air to circulate and prevent the umbrella from tipping over. This Market Umbrella is composed of UV protection, water-resistant, and fade-resistant fabric that will endure a long time. Additionally, the aluminum pole is composed of a rust-resistant substance.

One of our favorite features of this outdoor patio furniture is Ginelite Luxury Cantilever Umbrella, which provides enough shade on sunny days, and looks aesthetically pleasing. Whether you’re looking for shade or want to cool down the pool area, the 3 Tiers Market Umbrella is also an excellent option to consider because of its 3 tier air vent, which proves to withstand windy days.

Big umbrella with chairs near the poolside.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a pool umbrella, and why is it important for pool areas?

A pool umbrella is a large, often adjustable, shade structure designed to provide shelter from the sun’s rays in pool areas. It’s essential to create comfortable and shaded spots for swimmers and poolside loungers, protecting them from sunburn and excessive heat.

What types of pool umbrellas are available, and how do they differ?

Pool umbrellas come in various types, such as freestanding umbrellas, cantilever umbrellas, and table umbrellas. Freestanding umbrellas are versatile and can be moved around, while cantilever umbrellas have an off-center pole for greater shade coverage. Table umbrellas attach to patio tables for localized shading.

How do I choose the right size of pool umbrella for my area?

Select a pool umbrella size that covers the desired area while providing ample shade. Measure the area you want to shade and consider the umbrella’s diameter or dimensions. It should comfortably cover seating or lounging spaces while allowing easy movement.

What materials are pool umbrellas typically made of, and how do they affect durability?

Pool umbrellas are commonly made from materials like polyester, olefin, or acrylic fabric for the canopy, and aluminum or steel for the frame. Choose materials with UV-resistant and water-repellent properties for longevity in outdoor settings.

How should I maintain and care for my pool umbrella to prolong its lifespan?

Regular maintenance is important. Close the umbrella when not in use to prevent damage from wind or harsh weather. Clean the canopy and frame periodically with mild soap and water. If applicable, ensure that any adjustable mechanisms are functioning smoothly.

Author’s Note

An excellent way to understand how to buy an umbrella is by knowing the different types available. With this knowledge, you can make educated choices about what will best suit your needs.

We hope this article has brought you the information needed to make that decision! Need help choosing the best pool umbrella? Just contact us or comment below! 

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