Where to Start When Buying an Above Ground Pool Fence

Have you considered getting an above ground pool fence? This is an excellent idea for any family who has children under the age of 5. These fences are sturdy and reliable. They are great for keeping your children safe. Learn more here.

A popular sort of pool fencing is above ground pool fences. These kinds of fences are popular because they don’t require any excavation or digging for installation. They also come in a range of materials like aluminum, steel, and vinyl. 

The fence’s design is sleek and aesthetically pleasing to look at that’s why many pool owners choose to build one.

In this article, we dive into the types of above ground pool fences, safety tips, and how to choose the right one for your pool.

How Important Is an Above Ground Pool Fence?

kid looking out from the above ground pool fence

An above ground pool fence is important only if you’re concerned about the safety of your pool. Is there any chance it’ll be visually appealing? Maybe not. However, it’s more essential to keep your family and friends safe than to have the most beautiful pool, right?

Even though your pool is above ground, you may still install a safety barrier to enclose it, just as you would with an in-ground fence. Furthermore, the advantages of installing an above ground pool fence are too important to ignore.

Pet Safety

smiling pet dog near the pool

The majority of canines and felines are proficient swimmers. However, did you know that certain dog breeds have poor swimming abilities while others are entirely incapable of swimming? 

Although your dogs may be excellent swimmers, getting out of the pool is challenging since they have to tilt their heads back to avoid getting water up to their noses and into their eyes. This means they will have a hard time seeing where the stairs are located. They may try to get out of the pool by clinging to the wall until they’re too wary of remaining afloat any longer.

Also, an above ground pool fence keeps creatures such as opossums, raccoons, and squirrels at bay. So the chances of your pool getting polluted by either dead animals or feces, lower significantly when you have a fence protecting your pool.

Tip: “Swimming together with your dog could be so fun. To make swimming simpler for your dog, consider purchasing a doggie life vest to wear in the pool. This way, your dog could easily float without too much effort to its side. A life jacket could provide a better experience for your dog, especially if your dog is a poor swimmer or can't swim independently.” - Matt, founder of Swim University®

General Safety

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Pool safety is important for everyone, not just children and animals. Anyone can slip and fall into the swimming pool resulting in head injuries. If they are rendered unconscious and no one is around to help, this could result in a tragic end. This could be an even bigger matter if you’re having a pool party.

An above ground pool fence is a practical and affordable option to eliminate these accidents from happening. It’s advisable to investigate whether your state requires a fence around your swimming pool before installing one.

In addition, it’s best to look for a fencing company that’s licensed and insured. Make sure the fencing company installs or repairs your pool fence according to local or state laws.

Pool Fence Style

A good above ground pool fence is built with solid and weatherproof material. Some manufactures offer fences that are impossible to climb without too much effort. Fences are installed in sections, making them fit any shape of a pool. Generally, fences are made of coated steel, vinyl, fiberglass, and aluminum. Here are some fence styles you can make as inspiration:

  • A traditional pool fence has vertical posts supported by horizontal and bottom rails. It’s available in a variety of colors.
  • Mesh fencing is good for keeping pets out of the pool area. It offers a tightly woven fine nylon mesh and a sturdy outer frame. You can also see through the mesh fencing easily.
  • Glass pool fences are elegant and invisible, but they’re the most expensive ones. They are built-in panels of robust safety glass and stiff base support. A frameless glass pool can cost you $20,000, including the installation service.
  • An open pool fence comes with a barbed wire along the top and bottom. The metal is welded with thick wire netting. The idea of this type of fence is to keep unwanted animals, pets, and kids away from the swimming area.
  • A steel grid fencing is popular because they are easy to install after you purchase the materials. They are also available in many shapes and sizes, so you can buy one that’s right for your pool size needs.

Features to Look For a Good Above Ground Pool Fence

above the ground pool equipment by wooden fence

An above ground pool fence needs to be a good choice because it provides a safe environment for your family by preventing access from outside forces. Here are some standard features you should look for in an excellent above ground pool fence:


Commonly, vinyl is used for above ground pool fences because it is durable and long-lasting. The good thing about this material is that it can last for a decade or so without any problems. However, be sure you have a budget restriction when purchasing a fence because it could be a bit costly. 

If your budget does not allow buying a vinyl fence, you can go with the alternative of purchasing aluminum fencing instead. It is also known to be long-lasting; however, some homeowners complain about its durability. Although aluminum fencing material can last for years, some aluminum fences might not even last more than one year, depending on your upkeep and how often you use your pool.

Fence Kits

Because pools have a variety of sizes and shapes, including round and oval, most above-ground pool fences are sold in three separate components: Kit A, Kit B, and Kit C.

When you purchase Kit A, you will receive a specific number of fence pieces (the number may vary depending on the manufacturer) as well as the tools necessary to install them. This also goes for Kit B and Kit C.

Fence Gates

Even if you choose to encircle your pool with a fence completely, you’ll still need the means to get into and out of the pool. And no, jumping over the fence is not a good option.

Pool fences are built with sections, and between these, you can easily add a gate. 

If you plan on purchasing a fence with a gate, be sure to measure the gate to determine if it is wide enough. Having additional attaching hardware can also come in handy as it will secure your fence so the gate will not move around when it is being used.

Bottom Line

A fence can be a cheap and effective way of securing your above-ground pool from children and animals alike.

The good thing about having an above ground pool fence is that it can provide you extra privacy for your pool too. You should always make sure you pick the correct type of fence for your pool, especially if you have small kids or energetic pets.

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