A Guide to 13 Budget-Friendly Backyard Pool Ideas

Want the perfect swimming pool in your backyard? But you don’t want to spend a fortune? This backyard pool ideas gives you all the information you need to design the perfect pool for your backyard.

Throughout the years, pools have gained a lot of popularity. They are no longer just a temporary relief in the summertime. Building a perfect backyard pool is a dream come true.

With creative backyard pool ideas, you can provide an extension of your home and garden that is inviting and functional.

We’ve listed some options for backyard pool ideas to help get you started designing your own.

Best Backyard Pool Ideas

1. Long and Narrow

long and narrow pool in the backyard

This is an excellent option for those who want to utilize their backyard space efficiently. One advantage of this type of pool is that it could fit right into any small space, and there will be plenty of room left over for a backyard makeover. 

The pool’s dimensions are created with the angles of the yard space. The long and narrow pool has plenty of room for adding lounge chairs, pool features, a fire area, and even a minibar. 

2. Minimalist Industrial Style

Minimalist Industrial Style Pool

The minimalist industrial style focuses on simplicity and clean lines while still possessing an attractive appearance that creates an understated elegance. Using this style in your pool can help you achieve both function and fashion without any sacrifices!

This style design is usually surrounded by walls and stone slabs, blending the industrial feel with a minimalist style. This is a great addition if you’re not blessed with a large yard. 

3. Freeform Shape

Freeform Style Pool in the Garden

Instead of a rectangular design, go for a freeform one for your backyard pool ideas for a more relaxed, natural appearance. Some pool owners use a flagstone patio around the pool for a more natural atmosphere. 

It’s a huge plus if you add a waterfall or pool fountains for some wonderful water background sound. This also reduces the background sound from the traffic or from your neighbor’s lawnmowers, enhancing your swimming experience. 

4. Square and Sleek

Square and Sleek Pool in the backyard

A rectangular swimming pool offers a formal appearance that pairs nicely with contemporary backyard design concepts. If square and sleek are too basic for you, consider choosing a good exquisite pool landscaping design. Square and sleek provide a sense of formality, and when combined with the Tuscan style pavilion for a rustic touch, it becomes mesmerizing.

Tip: Square and sleek design are spectacular for backyards, as they serve as an apple of an eye to a beautiful landscape.

5. Sharp and Modern

A pool that is modern and sharp in the backyard

Rectangular pools are also a fantastic alternative for a more contemporary urban look.

Add some greenery and a sitting area into your backyard pool to prevent it from appearing cold and sterile.

For additional intimacy, consider adding creative outdoor lighting to illuminate your backyard oasis at night.

6. Irregular Shape

Swimming pool that has irregular shape style

Freeform or rectangular pools aren’t all types of swimming pools. Your pool builder can provide you with some great backyard pool ideas about shapes and designs to fit your landscape. Irregular shape pools offer a lot of flexibility in terms of layout and design. It provides a shape that doesn’t look too formal or too contemporary. 

They might not be as economical as others, but they allow you to design a fantastic pool tailored to your style and taste without the frustration of mixing styles.

Most irregular shapes are dramatically diagonal to fit different spaces in the backyard. To make the place more appealing, you could add a seating area, pool furniture, a fire feature, and lounging space.

7. Lap Pools

Big lap pool in the backyard

If you are a passionate swimmer, you might want to consider building a lap pool in your backyard. They don’t take too much space to install. It’s nice to have the option of swimming for exercise or just for pleasure. A lap pool can provide peace of mind that you have a designated area to swim laps in your backyard.

Lap pools which are rectangular or oval-shaped, are constructed with lap lanes installed on each side. If you want to use the pool for both swimming laps and entertaining friends, consider installing stone steps alongside one or both sides of the pool so you can use it for seating.

8. Infinity-Edge Pool

Infinity Edge Swimming Pool

The next level for backyard pool ideas is infinity pools. They are beautiful, peaceful, and stylish. Owning an infinity-edge pool allows you to be one with nature while also enjoying the luxury of your backyard swimming pool. Building an infinity pool will give your backyard a sense of quiet and relaxation that you desire. 

Think about adding waterfalls, benches, lounging areas, fire features, and other cool features to create a more intimate area for family and friends to enjoy.

9. Waterpark-Like Vibe

Mother and son sliding to the waterpark pool

While most backyard pool ideas are quite straightforward, you may absolutely go over the top if your space and money permit you to do so.

A waterpark-like vibe includes pool slides, a hot tub, a grotto, and a steam room. It should feel like a luxury hotel rather than a private property.

You’d never run out of kid-friendly garden things to do if you have this style in your backyard. Plus, if there’s any way to make all your neighbors green with envy, this should do the trick.

10. A Hot Tub for a Luxury Feel

Swimming pool with Hot Tub in the backyard

When it comes to swimming pools and the greatest hot tubs, they’re like butter and jelly. Multiple options exist for combining your pool and hot tub; you may either place them side by side or separate them so that each is a stand-alone outdoor feature.

If you live somewhere with a colder temperature, the latter is excellent since you can use the hot tub after the pool has closed for the year.

11. Pool Water Feature

Pool Water Feature

Pool water features offer an excellent way to add some whimsy and the feeling of serenity in your backyard.

For instance, natural stone or lava lights will create a lovely ambiance with lighting effects when it’s nighttime. 

To get more of the tropical vibe, consider adding palm trees columns in your yard for added appeal. A pool with a canopy will provide you with a more personal feel. A canopy can act as a privacy feature for your backyard pool ideas.

Pool water features are an instant way to bring a decorative focal point to a yard. Adding decorative pieces to your garden is just as important as adding artwork to your living space. -Jonny Brierley, CEO of Moda Furnishings

12. Build an Entertainment Area

Styling Swimming Pool with Outdoor Entertainment Area

Ideally, you want to create a relaxing environment that feels like home for your family. An entertainment area will boost your backyard pool area by providing you with the ability to entertain your guests in a very comfortable way. The party can be set up on the patio or pool deck with plenty of room to accommodate people.

An entertainment area also provides an option to serve refreshments without going all the way inside. This backyard pool idea makes it easy for guests and their kids, which is excellent if you have young children!

13. Ultimate Tranquility

Tropical Backyard Pool for the Ultimate Tranquility

A tropical backyard is a dream for most homeowners and a great backyard pool idea. Coping with the warm temperatures, the sun, and the bugs can be a challenge. Building a pool with a deck will help you create an oasis of tranquility.

If you don’t wish to block out too much sunshine, consider installing automatic blinds on your deck. You want to keep the warm sunshine while providing enough shade for you and your friends. The key is to find the ideal style for your home.

Bottom Line

Above all, remember that a backyard pool is more than a pool. It’s an extension of your home, so be sure to choose a design that fits your aesthetic and lifestyle. With some of the backyard pool ideas listed above, you can provide a place for family and friends to gather together stylishly while enjoying the space around them!

The sky’s the limit with backyard pool ideas, so feel free to be as creative as possible. Check out the best inflatable pool and kiddie pool for your kids, as well as the best floating pool lights.

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