Swimming Pool Chairs: Dive Into Comfort and Style

Relaxation meets style with our collection of pool chairs. Dive into comfort and elevate your poolside experience with our selection of chairs.

When enjoying your time by the pool, having suitable pool chairs can make all the difference. With so many options available, finding the perfect chair that suits your needs and enhances your relaxation experience is essential.

Whether you prefer relaxing on an adjustable chaise lounge or sitting comfortably in an inflatable pool float, selecting a pool chair that meets your preferences and offers durability will surely provide you with the utmost satisfaction during those sunny days.

Types of Swimming Pool Chairs

As you seek to create the perfect oasis around your swimming pool, it’s essential to consider the different types of pool chairs available. In this section, we’ll explore four primary categories of swimming pool chairs: floating, deck, lounge, and adjustable.

Floating Chairs

Floating chairs are specifically designed for in-water relaxation. With their buoyant construction, floating chairs allow you to float comfortably and enjoy the pool’s cooling effect. There are various floating chairs, from simple inflatable models to luxurious options like the Aqua Chairs In-Pool Chaise Lounger.

Floating Chairs

Deck Chairs

Deck chairs are an essential poolside furniture choice for both sunbathing and relaxation. You can find deck chairs made from various materials, such as wood, plastic, or aluminum. Some popular deck chair styles include Adirondack chairs, available in multiple bright colors or natural finishes to suit your pool area’s style. Visit Overstock.com to browse through their collection of deck chairs.

Deck Chairs

Lounge Chairs

Lounge chairs are designed to provide comfort and a reclining option for poolside relaxation. With their adjustable backrests, these chairs are perfect for sunbathing or simply taking a break from swimming. You can find a wide range of lounge chairs on websites like Amazon and PatioLiving, with options such as pool strap lounge chairs, pool sling lounge chairs, and more.

Lounge Chairs

Adjustable Chairs

Adjustable chairs offer versatility by allowing users to find their most comfortable position. These chairs often come equipped with adjustable backrests, armrests, and leg rests catering to individual preferences. For example, the YITAHOME Chaise Outdoor Lounge Chairs offer adjustable backrests to ensure optimum relaxation and comfort.

As you explore these different types of swimming pool chairs, remember your preferences, budget, and pool area layout to select the perfect chairs for your backyard oasis.

Adjustable Chairs

Materials and Durability

Swimming pool chairs come in various materials, each offering durability, comfort, and style. In this section, we will explore the merits of plastic, metal, wood, and fabric pool chairs to help you decide on your outdoor oasis.


Plastic pool chairs are popular due to their affordability and lightweight nature. They are made from resin and polypropylene, which offer excellent resistance to water and UV rays. With a high-quality resin chair, you can expect a maximum weight capacity of around 300 lbs (Pool Advisors). Despite their durability, plastic chairs may not be the most comfortable option and can appear less stylish than other materials.


Metal pool chairs, usually made from aluminum or steel, are a sturdy and durable option. Aluminum chairs have the advantage of being corrosion-resistant and lightweight, making them perfect for poolside use. Steel chairs, while heavier, can provide a higher weight capacity if adequately treated to prevent rust. A notable metal pool chair choice is the ergonomically curved chaise lounge with a polyester canopy for UV protection and added wheels for easy mobility.


Wooden pool chairs offer a classic and natural aesthetic that can blend seamlessly into your outdoor environment. Common types of wood used for pool chairs include teak, eucalyptus, and cedar, which are all weather-resistant and can withstand moisture. These chairs often come with a higher price tag, but their longevity and visual appeal make them a worthwhile investment.


Fabric pool chairs provide a soft, cushioned feel for ultimate comfort and relaxation. Materials commonly used for fabric chairs include Textilene, olefin, and polyester, which are weatherproof and UV-resistant. One highly rated fabric pool chair is the Ostrich Chaise Pool Lounge Folding Chair, made from polyester and steel. Combining a sturdy frame with a comfortable fabric seat makes this chair a desirable poolside option.

Comfort and Ergonomics

When choosing a pool chair, prioritize your comfort above all else. Begin your search by considering chairs with features like adjustable reclining positions and built-in headrests. Take note of the overall design and materials, as these factors contribute to the chair’s ergonomics and your relaxation experience.

Opt for chairs with a zero-gravity design, elevating your legs to reduce pressure on your back and joints. These chairs are perfect for lounging by the pool and enjoying a book or a drink while soaking up the sun.

Upholstery is another crucial aspect of a comfortable chair. Look for materials like high-quality textilene fabric, which is UV-resistant and breathable, to ensure you stay cool even on the hottest summer days. You should also seek chairs with quick-drying capabilities so you never have to wait long after a swim to relax in your chair.

Regarding ergonomic design, natural curves that support your body are crucial. Balencia chaise lounges, for instance, are a popular choice that contours your body’s shape for maximum comfort.

Lastly, remember durability and convenience. Select chairs made of resilient materials like powder-coated iron or aluminum frames to ensure long-lasting use. And foldable or stackable designs are valuable options for those who need to save space or move their chairs frequently.

Price and Budget Considerations

When looking for the perfect swimming pool chair, it’s essential to consider your budget. Pool chairs come in various price ranges – from economical to high-end options. Knowing your budget will help you make a well-informed decision.

You can find affordable swimming pool chairs like the classic Ostrich Chaise Lounge on Amazon. If you’re on a tight budget, don’t worry, as plenty of no-frills options are available in vibrant colorways that won’t break the bank.

On the higher end of the price spectrum, you can find luxurious pool chairs on sites like PatioLiving. For instance, they offer the Telescope Casual Sling Chaise Lounge Set for $856.00 and the POLYWOOD® Nautical Recycled Plastic 3-Piece Chaise Set for $895.00 – both of which come with added benefits such as free shipping and multiple customization options.

Remember, it’s not just about the initial cost – consider factors like durability, maintenance, and overall quality. When choosing a chair, look for materials like aluminum frames and Textilene fabric, known for their durability and resistance to the elements. For instance, the Goldsun Folding Lounge Chairs have an aluminum frame and Textilene fabric, making them a sturdy choice.

Popular Brands and Manufacturers

Exploring pool lounge chairs can be an exciting endeavor, and knowing the popular brands and manufacturers in the market is essential. One standout brand is Aecojoy, known for its chaise lounge chairs available on Amazon. Their high-quality design and comfortable experience make them a top choice for many pool owners.

Next up is Frontgate, offering luxurious options like the Soleil Chair and Balencia Chaise Lounge. Their stylish and durable products cater to those seeking a more upscale look for their poolside relaxation.

Pottery Barn and S.R. Smith are reputable brands in the industry for in-pool lounging. Pottery Barn’s Terra Sol Sonoma Floating Chaise and S.R. Smith’s Destination Series loungers provide a unique and enjoyable experience while staying cool in the water.

If you’re looking for outdoor pool chaises at affordable price points, Gymax offers rattan patio lounge chairs in sets of two. Ebern Designs also offers extra-long reclining double chaises, available on Wayfair.

Lastly, consider the versatile and comfortable Christopher Knight Home Wood Outdoor Chaise Lounges with a low-height design. Perfect for poolside sunbathing, these chairs are highly adjustable and offer an excellent combination of style and functionality.

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