Fast Growing Plants for Pool Privacy: Top Picks for a Secluded Oasis

Create your own secluded paradise with fast growing plants for pool privacy! Check out our top picks for a lush and private oasis.

Create your own secluded paradise with fast-growing plants for pool privacy! Check out our top picks for a lush and private oasis.

Creating a private oasis around your pool can be easily achieved with the selection of fast growing plants that not only add beauty to your landscape, but also offer shade and screening from the outside world. Many homeowners desire a secluded environment for relaxation and entertainment, and these plants can help turn an ordinary pool area into a serene paradise.

There are a variety of plants that thrive well in poolside conditions, providing lush foliage and quick growth for privacy purposes. These plants can withstand the heat, humidity, and exposure to pool chemicals while still maintaining their visual appeal. Consider Tibouchina for zones 9-11, bananas for zones 9-10, and Emerald Green Arborvitae for creating a natural privacy screen around your pool area.

When planning your pool landscaping with privacy in mind, it is essential to select plants based on their growth characteristics, maintenance requirements, and compatibility with your local climate. By incorporating fast-growing plants into your poolside design, you can create a space that offers both privacy and aesthetic appeal, allowing you and your loved ones to fully enjoy your outdoor aquatic sanctuary.

Plants and Flowers in Pool

The World of Fast Growing Plants

In the verdant universe of gardening, the appeal of fast-growing plants can hardly be overstated. These swift bloomers, ranging from towering trees to indoor companions, offer a satisfying way to see the fruits of one’s labor in real-time.

Fast-Growing Trees and Lush Shrubs

Among the fast growing plants, trees like the weeping willow stand out. This fast-growing tree swiftly matures, anchoring its presence in any landscape with grace and speed. Similarly, the crape myrtle is another fast-growing shrub that garners attention not only for its quick ascent in height but for its proliferation of colorful and often white flowers that mark the height of the growing season.

In North America, the demand for privacy and green screens has spotlighted the fast-growing plants within the shrub category, like the evergreen north privet and the deciduous varieties that seem to leap from the soil in eager growth.

Rapidly Growing Houseplants

The indoor environment also celebrates fast-growing plants, with the spider plant and peace lily being prime examples of fast-growing houseplants that add life and greenery to living spaces. These plants defy the usual slow-paced growth of indoor varieties, adding new leaves with a remarkable speed.

In the realm of houseplants that can handle the subtleties of indoor lighting, the chaste tree emerges as a resilient contender. Its growth in partial shade is a testament to the adaptability of fast-growing plants.

The Speed Kings of the Plant World

When considering the fastest-growing plant, the Wisconsin fast growing plant is exemplary. Bred for educational purposes, they offer a spectacular view of the life cycle of fast-growing plants, sprouting from seed to seed in an astonishingly brief period.

Fast-Growing Vegetables and Leafy Greens

Fast growing plants also extend their roots into the vegetable garden. Mustard greens, in particular, epitomize the fast-growing vegetable group, shooting up rapidly and ready for harvest in just a few weeks. Leafy greens, as a whole, offer gardeners the quick satisfaction of growing their own nutritious food in a short span of time.

Fast Growing Plants Across Climates

The vast range of climates in North America is home to a diversity of fast growing plants. From the Italian cypress, celebrated for its tall and fast growth in moist soil, to the vibrant morning glory and sweet peas, the continent showcases the adaptability of fast-growing plants to various conditions.

From Grass Seed to Flowering Shrub

The progression of fast-growing plants is nowhere more evident than in the journey from a simple grass seed to a full-bodied flowering shrub like the north privet. This transition is a powerful representation of fast growth, underscoring the eagerness with which many gardeners pursue the transformation from a seedling to a blooming spectacle.

Benefits of Fast Growing Plants for Pool Privacy

One of the main benefits of fast growing plants for pool privacy is the quick establishment of a natural, living barrier. This provides an attractive alternative to traditional, man-made fences or walls. Fast-growing privacy plants, such as Emerald Green Arborvitae and Boxwood hedges, offer a sense of seclusion while enhancing the overall landscape design.

Additionally, these plants can help reduce noise pollution by acting as a sound buffer. The dense foliage of fast-growing hedges absorbs and dissipates sound waves, creating a more peaceful outdoor environment around your pool.

Another advantage of using fast growing plants for pool privacy is their ability to provide shade. As mentioned by Plant Professionals, tall shrubberies can absorb sunlight, creating a cooler and more comfortable outdoor space. This shade can also help protect the pool water from excessive evaporation and temperature fluctuations.

Fast-growing privacy plants also serve as a natural habitat for birds, butterflies, and other beneficial wildlife. This not only enhances the visual appeal of your pool area but also promotes local biodiversity.

Maintaining fast-growing plants around your pool is generally easy. Many of these species, like Boxwoods, require little maintenance and can be trimmed to fit any landscape design. Some species are also drought-tolerant, reducing the need for excessive watering.

Types of Plants for Pool Privacy

1. Shrubs


Adding shrubs can create an attractive border while providing a natural screen for pool areas. Some popular and fast-growing options include:

  • Emerald Green Arborvitae (Thuja occidentalis ‘Emerald Green’) – A hardy option that can withstand harsh weather conditions and grow up to 15 feet tall. (source)
  • Boxwood – These evergreen shrubs are popular for their dense foliage and easy maintenance.
  • Privet – Often used for hedging purposes, privets can grow up to 15 feet tall, offering good privacy coverage. (source)

2. Trees

Trees can add height and shade to pool areas while also providing privacy. Some suitable options include:

  • Banana Tree (Musa) – A tropical touch that can grow quickly, offering a lush privacy screen. (source)
  • Japanese Maple (Acer palmatum) – With beautiful, colorful foliage, these trees can not only provide privacy but also enhance the poolside aesthetics. (source)

3. Bamboo

Bamboo 1

Bamboo is a fast-growing option that creates an effective privacy screen around your pool. It can also add an exotic touch to your poolside paradise.

4. Vines


Vines can be trained to grow along fences, walls, or trellises to provide natural privacy. Some popular fast-growing options include:

  • Jasmine – Known for its fragrant flowers, jasmine is a beautiful and effective vine for privacy.
  • Clematis – Available in a variety of colors, clematis can add a pop of color while providing privacy around your pool area.

Top Fast Growing Plants for Pool Privacy

1. Thuja Green Giant

The Thuja Green Giant is a popular evergreen choice for creating a privacy screen around pools. This fast-growing plant can reach up to 3 to 5 feet per year, making it an ideal choice for those who want quick results. It thrives in USDA growing zones 5-9 and requires minimal maintenance once established.

Thuja Green Giant

2. Leyland Cypress

Another excellent option for fast-growing pool privacy is the Leyland Cypress. This tree is known for its rapid growth, often surpassing 3 feet per year. Suited for USDA growing zones 6-10, the Leyland Cypress provides a robust and dense privacy screen that looks great near pools.

Leyland Cypress

3. Areca Palm

For a more tropical feel, consider the Areca Palm. This fast-growing palm tree can reach 2 feet of growth per year, making it a suitable choice for poolside privacy. It thrives in USDA growing zones 9-11, and its lush, feathery fronds create a perfect poolside atmosphere.

Areca Palm

4. Murray Cypress

The Murray Cypress is another fast-growing privacy solution for your pool area. With a growth rate of up to 3 feet per year, this tree offers a dense and attractive privacy screen. It is suitable for USDA growing zones 6-9, and its low-maintenance nature makes it an appealing option for pool landscapes.

Murray Cypress

Caring for Fast Growing Pool Privacy Plants

Fast growing plants used for pool privacy have some specific requirements to maintain their health and appearance. To keep these plants in good shape, you should focus on the following aspects:

Watering Tips for Fast-Growing Plants

For fast-growing plants, which often have heightened hydration needs due to their quick development and expansive root systems, proper watering is crucial. Privacy plants, in particular, can be quite demanding, as they often form dense thickets that require consistent moisture. Here’s how to ensure your fast-growing plants stay hydrated:

  • Adjust your watering schedule according to the specific needs of your fast-growing plants. They may require more frequent watering to sustain their rapid growth phases.
  • Water deeply and less frequently to encourage strong root systems, which are essential for the stability and health of fast-growing plants.
  • Utilize drip irrigation systems or soaker hoses for efficient and targeted watering, which is particularly beneficial for fast-growing plants that need focused moisture delivery.
  • Be mindful of your specific climate, as fast-growing plants in hotter or windier climates may need additional water to cope with increased evaporation.

Fertilizing Fast-growing Plants

To support their accelerated development, fertilizing your fast-growing plants is an integral part of their care. Here are some fertilization strategies for these vigorous growers:

  • Choose a balanced slow-release fertilizer that can provide a consistent nutrient supply to your fast-growing plants.
  • Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when applying fertilizers to fast-growing plants to avoid nutrient imbalances.
  • Fertilize during the appropriate times of the year, which for fast-growing plants, is typically in early spring to kickstart their growth spurt, and late summer or early fall to prepare them for dormancy.
  • Take care not to over-fertilize, as this can be detrimental, especially to fast growing plants. Excessive nutrients can cause weak, leggy growth and make the plants more susceptible to pests and diseases.

Pruning and Maintenance

Pruning and maintaining your pool privacy plants is important to ensure their health, appearance, and effectiveness. Some key points include:

  • Prune regularly to remove dead, damaged, or unwanted growth. Pruner Kits are essential tools for gardeners and landscapers. 
  • Maintain desired plant shapes and sizes through proper trimming techniques.
  • Remove any debris, such as fallen leaves or twigs, from the pool and surrounding areas.
  • Protect plants from pests and diseases by regularly inspecting them and treating any issues promptly.

Creating an Attractive Pool Privacy Screen


When creating a vibrant pool privacy screen, consider the technique of layering. Position tall, fast-growing plants like bamboo or Emerald Green Arborvitae in the back row for instant privacy. For a more dynamic arrangement, stagger medium-height plants and shrubs in front of the taller ones.

Layering Plants

Choose complimentary plants that not only provide screening but also meet your pool’s specific environmental needs. Select species that can tolerate moisture and pool chemicals to maintain a healthy and lush garden.

Color and Texture

Incorporating various colors and textures into your poolside landscaping will create visual interest and aesthetic appeal. Mix and match plants with unique foliage like the shiny, green leaves of Egyptian Papyrus or the vibrant flowers of the Oleander.

For additional character, consider adding accents such as grasses, ground-cover plants or decorative rocks. Experimenting with color and texture will help create a captivating poolside paradise.

Plant Spacing

Proper spacing is essential for fast-growing plants to ensure they remain healthy and provide effective privacy. When planting these vigorous growers, consider their mature size and quick expansion to prevent overcrowding. Adequate space is key to prevent disease and to allow for optimal air circulation.

Keep in mind that the right spacing is not only vital for the health of fast-growing plants but also for the efficiency of a privacy screen. Allow enough room for these plants to spread their branches, ensuring your garden stays lush and private as the plants swiftly reach maturity.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the benefits of using fast-growing plants for pool privacy?

Fast-growing plants provide an effective and natural way to create privacy around your pool area. They offer a lush and green backdrop, shield your pool from prying eyes, reduce noise, and add aesthetic appeal to your outdoor space.

What are some popular fast-growing plant options for pool privacy?

Several plant options are known for their rapid growth and dense foliage. Some popular choices include Leyland cypress, bamboo, arborvitae, clumping grasses, and privet. These plants can quickly form a privacy barrier when appropriately cared for.

How should I care for fast-growing plants to ensure their privacy barrier develops quickly?

Proper care includes regular watering, sufficient sunlight, and proper soil preparation. Prune and trim plants as needed to encourage growth in desired directions. Regular fertilizing can also support healthy growth.

How do I choose the right fast-growing plants for my pool privacy needs?

Consider factors like your climate, available space, desired height, and maintenance preferences. Research local plant options that thrive in your region and meet your privacy requirements.

Can fast-growing plants have drawbacks that pool owners should be aware of?

While fast-growing plants can provide quick privacy, they might require more maintenance to control their growth and prevent them from becoming unruly. Some plants could have invasive tendencies, so research and proper containment are important.

Author’s Note

Using fast-growing plants for pool privacy is a great way to create a private and beautiful oasis around your pool. Benefits include a quick establishment of a natural barrier, noise reduction, shade, and promotion of biodiversity. 

Proper care and maintenance, including watering, fertilizing, pruning, and spacing, are crucial for plant health and longevity. By incorporating layered plants with varied colors and textures and appropriate spacing, you can create an attractive pool privacy screen that makes your pool area a stunning oasis for relaxation and entertainment.

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