An Overview of Solar Pool Cover Reel: Finding a Great Quality and the Most Reliable

As with many technical products, you can find a huge range of solar pool cover reel with different features and prices. It is important to know what you need before you buy. Read more here.

Solar covers keep your pool water warm during cold months. They are also used to keep pools clean and free of algae.

This article will show you the best features of a solar pool cover reel and the type of solar pool cover that’s a bang for your buck.

What Is a Solar Pool Cover and How Does It Work?

Solar Pool Cover

A solar pool cover is a device that keeps water from evaporating from the surface of a swimming pool. The cover is made of plastic and has a reflective surface that reflects sunlight into the pool. This additional accessory to your pool helps keep the pool warmer during the winter months.

Types of Solar Pool Covers

Floatable Covers

It has inflatable sides that float. These are generally more affordable than rigid models but require regular maintenance. Rigid covers are not automated and must be manually adjusted each day.

Rigid Covers

It comes in two varieties: Framed covers are attached permanently to concrete walls at ground level. These covers are designed specifically for above-ground pools. They all work similarly, reflecting light onto the bottom of the pool where it heats the water.

The best way to choose which kind of solar pool cover would suit your needs is to consider what size pool you have. If you have an average-sized backyard pool, then a floating cover might be right for you.

How Does Pool Solar Cover Reel Works?

Residential Outdoor Pool Solar Cover

Installing a solar cover deck is usually attached at one of the in-ground pool’s ends. This has a long metal pole extended between two T-bars, which is generally equipped with wheels to facilitate mobility.

It’s built like this because the cover becomes heavy once it’s soaked and you fold it up. To some models, pool professionals have to install the deck in your pool permanently.

At one end of the solar cover, you’ll see a hand crank attached to the reel. You’ll use this to spool the cover when it’s time to open up your pool. 

It’s a really simple design. However, it makes a significant difference in terms of using your cover swiftly and effortlessly, without causing injury to yourself.

Important: "Always remove a solar pool cover before allowing anybody to swim, especially children and dogs. Partially removing it or folding it back isn't enough. They can get caught under the cover. You have to entirely uncover the pool to avoid the risk of drowning" - Matt Giovanisci, Founder of Swim University®.

Features We Looked For

While the main design of a solar cover reel is pretty the same as other models, there are a few changes between models that can make a difference in which type you pick for your pool.

Aluminum or Stainless Pole

Some models come with a pole made of aluminum, which makes it easier to use and store. However, the frame is not as strong as the stainless steel frame (which is more sturdy) and can cause some strain and damage over time. But aluminum is lighter, which means you’ll be able to pull the cover out quickly when you need it.

The size of your pool will be a determining factor. If you have a large pool, the cover will be larger and thus heavier, so stainless steel may be the superb choice since it can hold the cover in place and remain sturdy. 

Plastic or Rubber Wheels

Some pool cover reels come with plastic wheels for ease of use and transportation. However, the plastic wheels may not hold up as well as rubber and can wear down more quickly than other parts. They also do not work well on certain types of terrains and can cause damage to your pool deck. 

A cover reel with wheels may be more convenient than one without, and it makes it much easier to transport, which might be a significant advantage if you have a large pool.

Built-in or Hook and Loop Straps

Cover reels with embedded straps often provide a lot more stability, which is essential when you do not know the weight of the cover. It is easy to use and makes an excellent alternative to simple straps or strings.

The hook and loop straps offer a handy solution if you need to open and close the pool cover quickly. Many models put these straps and hooks to make the process as quick as possible, making it a great feature to look for.

Flashlight Hooks / Pole Light Pack / Led Light Pack

Many models come with a handy flashlight or two that can be attached to your cover reel for safety at night. If you want a special option, a pole light pack is also a great choice. The nightlight is very convenient and easy to use and is another additional feature you can look for when deciding on what type of solar cover reel to get.

Best Bang for Your Buck Solar Cover Reels for In-Ground Pools

Solar Cover for Swimming Pool with Stainless Pole

Pool solar covers are an excellent investment for your in-ground pool because they add an extra layer of protection to your pool from external elements. The best solar cover reels will have many additional features that make them easier to use and store. But if you’re not sure which type is best for you, then here’s what we recommend for you.

The Vingli Aluminum Solar Cover Reel

When it comes to rolling and unrolling a solar cover, the VINGLI offers all the characteristics you’re searching for. The heavy-duty, rust-resistant aluminum pipe has three parts that you can lock together to avoid drooping while supporting a heavy cover.

Its stainless steel legs and big rubber wheels provide stability. And because of the grooved reel rod, the integrated straps remain intact. 

The middle rod is telescopic, allowing it to accommodate pools ranging from 6 feet to 18 feet wide. Once you roll up the cover, the reel secures it in place to prevent it from being accidentally unrolled. The solar cover reel is also a bit taller than some other solar cover reels, making it a little simpler to use. Included in this setup is a cover clip.

The Auto Pool Reel System

We discovered that The Auto Pool Reel is the only completely automated solar pool cover reel on the market that covers and uncovers your pool automatically. Unlike every other automatic solar cover reel on the planet, you must physically draw the cover over the pool yourself.

The Auto Pool Reel is hands-free, trackless, self-deploying, and self-retracting, requiring no human cranking, no tugging, no strings, no ropes, no wires, and whatsoever. You can all accomplish all of this with one button. You may even control its speed. 

Bottom Line

Now that you have read this article, hopefully, the use of pool solar cover will be clear to you. We really hope that the information on these solar cover reels was helpful for you and that you now understand how they work.

Learn how to worry less about your pool by reading the articles below. Visit our website for more articles. With these articles, you will find answers to all your pool questions. Have fun swimming!

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