Top 7 Best Pool Care and Maintenance Apps for iOS

Want to learn about the best pool care and maintenance apps for iOS? Here’s a list of some of the best apps you can use to manage the maintenance of your pool. Read more here.

Swimming pools are notorious for their chemicals. Below are the pool care and maintenance apps that will help you easily calculate how many chemicals your pool needs to maintain its cleanliness.

A pool can quickly turn into a breeding ground for algae, bacteria, and other pesky critters that cause the swimming pool water to turn cloudy and slimy. These little guys can be dangerous to your health, as they can lead to intestinal problems or pneumonia.

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That being said, it’s important to know how much chlorine you need and when you need it!

7 Pool Care and Maintenance Apps for iOS

Here are seven different pool care and maintenance apps that you can download on your iOS device. 

1. Pool Calculator 

Pool Calculator

The Pool Calculator app is a free application for iOS and Android that provides users with the right tools to maintain a clean swimming pool from within their phone. This app allows users to calculate the amount of chemicals (chlorine, bromine, or an ozone shock) that should be added into the water based on various factors, such as the size of their pool and its volume.

2. Pool Doctor

Pool Doctor

Pool Doctor is an iOS application that pool experts use to calculate the chemical balance of a swimming pool. Using whatever test kit you own, you may enter any chemical readings you choose, and Pool Doctor will tell you exactly what chemicals to put into your pool and why.

You can also change the levels of chlorine, bromine, salt, pH, total alkalinity, calcium hardness, and even cyanuric acid in your water. This swimming pool app also keeps basic reading, treatment courses, and records over time. 

3. Pool Smart

Pool Smart

The Pool Smart swimming pool app allows homeowners to maintain their swimming pool or spa, monitor its safety and cleanliness, and get quick access to safety information. Homeowners can take photos of areas that need attention and provide notes on how they went about addressing the problem.

In addition, the pool safety feature allows homeowners to set an alarm on the app that will notify them when high or low water levels are detected. 

4. Pool Cloud

Pool Cloud

Pool Cloud iOS provides a simple head-up display that shows you the current water level in your pool, as well as your next scheduled cleaning or service. It also allows you to search for local, trusted pool maintenance companies—making it easy to find someone who can care for any minor issues.

This swimming pool app also allows users to create, store, and share photos of their pool, and you can also read many Swim University articles inside the app.

5. Nimbus Pool Doctor

Nimbus Pool Doctor

As an often used amenity, pools need to be clean and well maintained. Unfortunately, too often, pool owners are unable to do this on their own. The Nimbus Pool Doctor iOS swimming pool app has been designed to make this process easy and efficient.

The app provides professional guidance as part of the package to learn about common problems that come up in water treatment and what needs to be done before they happen. This includes a checklist of the steps necessary for day-to-day operations and more in-depth knowledge about specific things like PH levels or sanitation practices.

6. Pool Pal

Pool Pal

Pool Pal is a swimming pool app that monitors your pool and automatically sends water quality alerts if necessary, notifies when maintenance is needed, and keeps up with any chemicals you’re adding to your pool so that you don’t forget.

It’s the easiest way to manage your pool and keep it clean all year round—you can even let outside parties use Pool Pal for parties and events so that they know the system inside out

7. PoolMath

Pool Math

PoolMath is a swimming pool app that provides direct access to the pool’s chemical balance.

The owners can easily monitor levels and detect problems in advance. The PoolMath app is compatible with different pools, making it a useful tool for both private and public pools.

Moreover, PoolMath will also prevent your staff from having to jump into the water during emergencies with unknown levels of chemicals to regulate them by themselves when they’re not supposed to. 

By taking action before any incident occurs, you’ll be able to avoid many costly repairs as well as limit the potential negative effects on your swimmer’s health.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are pool care and maintenance apps for iOS?

Pool care and maintenance apps for iOS are mobile applications that are designed to help pool owners manage and maintain their pools. They typically offer features such as water chemistry tracking, maintenance schedules, and troubleshooting guides.

What features should I look for in a pool care and maintenance app?

When choosing a pool care and maintenance app, you should look for features such as water chemistry tracking, maintenance schedules, troubleshooting guides, and notifications for when maintenance tasks are due. You may also want to consider whether the app offers helpful resources such as articles or videos on pool care and maintenance.

Are pool care and maintenance apps easy to use?

Most pool care and maintenance apps are designed to be user-friendly and easy to use. They typically offer intuitive interfaces and step-by-step instructions to help guide you through the process of managing and maintaining your pool.

Are pool care and maintenance apps free? 

Many pool care and maintenance apps offer a free version with limited features, while others require a one-time or recurring fee to access all of the app’s features. It is important to research the different options and choose an app that offers the features you need at a price that fits your budget.

Bottom Line

These apps can be used on iPhones, iPads, and iPods. However, you should be aware that they only work on platforms running iOS 5 and 6.

With the aid of these applications, you can simplify pool maintenance and spend more time swimming and less time caring for your pool. While it will not altogether remove the job, it allows for a much quicker routine.

Check out our collection of pool-related articles. These tips can help you keep your pool clean and maintained.

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