Swimming Pool Fountains Add a Touch of Beauty to Your Backyard Oasis

Swimming pool fountains are a great way to add beauty to your backyard oasis. They are also a great way to keep your pool clean. We have a few tips for you to look at before you buy a swimming pool fountain.

Pool fountains are for people who want to show some sass. Perfectly designed pool fountains are perfect for adding life to your swimming pool.

They offer the water sound you love with a splash of cool water. Designs vary, so go check out these pieces of art.  They’re easy to install and come with what you need – take a look at this article for some inspiration.

Main Advantage of Pool Fountains

two chairs near swimming pool fountain in the backyard

They are lovely and elegant, adding a gentle beauty to your swimming pool. These fountains give fantastic color to the water as well as the surrounding landscape. They can be installed anywhere and can serve several purposes. 

Some pools have fountains that look like dolphins jumping into the water for regular showings of their beautiful movement or just a static display that will delight regular patrons for hours. All these fountains offer you and your guests a refreshing atmosphere and family fun!

Aside from the obvious visual advantages of pool fountains, there are more advantages. Let’s look at some of the big ones.

Natural Noise Barrier

Coming from the fountain, the sound of water hitting the pool surface provides a soothing sound to your calm oasis. It protects your pool area from outside noises like traffic, honking cars, loud neighbors, and other outside noises. 

Fountains Cool Your Pool

Summers are hot, and fountains are an excellent way to keep your pool water flowing and cool. Fountains cool your pool by aerating it, which adds oxygen to the water lowering down the temperature. Combine a couple of fountains with the appropriate size pool pump, and you’ll have a refreshing pool to relax in during the day.

Pool Fountains Circulate Your Pool Water

Fountains assist your pool pump in circulating your pool water. The proper fountain size for your pool depends on the surface area of the pool. The larger the surface of your pool, the larger your fountain should be. 

Using multiple pool fountains to circulate water through your swimming pool is one way to ensure that you have good pool circulation. Good circulation also helps the filter in preventing algae from forming near or on any spots in your swimming pool, which can be a pain to remove.

Pool Fountains Come With Beautiful Designs

Fountains have numerous shapes and sizes and are essential in creating a poolside that provides a place for enjoyment. However, with all the varieties of styles fountains have, you need to consider landscaping, your home design, and the type of fountain that will fit your landscape.

Pool Fountain Downsides

Let’s be honest here; there are quite no cons to having a pool fountain in your pool. The only consideration to watch out for is the incurring cost, so be sure to factor these pool features, such as waterfalls, fountains, etc., into your monthly expenses. The total cost of these features that use electricity can add up quickly to your bill, especially if you’re opting for more top-of-the-class pool fountains.

Types of Swimming Pool Fountains

Design aside, there are all sorts of pool fountains to choose from, and it all comes down to the specifics of your property. Do you want these additional features in the centerpiece of your pool or around the edge to enhance the background? Let’s take a closer look at each one.

Poolside Fountain

pool side fountain during night time

Poolside fountains are exactly what you think they are. They are fountains built on the sides of the pool whose sizes vary from a small spigot to as large as palatial stones. They operate by connecting a return jet adaptor to your pool’s standard recirculation system. 

After that, instead of using a typical return jet, you connect a pipe to the adapter and begin flowing water through your fountain. After that, everything should be set up, and your fountain should start flowing water.

If you don’t want to build your fountain, you may wish to purchase one. The ones already installed are very safe and durable. They are usually connected with a garden hose providing the right amount of water pressure to move the water bursting out the fountains.

Pool Fountain Centerpiece

water from pool fountain centerpiece

Pool fountain centerpieces, as the name implies, are the centerpieces around your pool. They can serve as a focal point of your pool area and landscape by adding color and beauty to your poolside. Like the other types, these fountains can be built or purchased from stores or online. The functionality of these fountains is very similar to that of a regular recirculation system.

Waterfall Fountain

waterfall fountain in swimming pool backyard

Waterfall fountains are basically like waterfalls that you would see in nature, except they only stream out from your poolside into your swimming area.

If you want to build your waterfall fountain, you need a pump with enough pressure to move water upwards. If you are innovative, you can do this yourself. Otherwise, there are online pre-made kits that make building a waterfall fountain much easier to accomplish. 

Pond Fountain 

water spraying from pond fountain

Pond fountains are great additions to your poolside as they can help beautify and add color to the surrounding landscape as well as your pool. They can be put outside your property or near your pool for a more integrated touch. 

A pond fountain is made of rocks and ceramic tiles, so it would be best to have the help of an expert when installing this feature. Also, water pumps and recirculation systems will play a big part in making these fountains work correctly.

“Incorporate a few rocks around the edge, or line the bottom of the pool completely with natural stone for a unique alternative to pool liners.”

Emily, Forbes contributor

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Pool fountains are excellent additions to your swimming pool to help decorate it without the price of full-out renovations. They are also functional in that they keep your pool water cool and aerated, which helps reduce the amount of dirt that settles at the bottom of your pool. 

The choice of a swimming pool fountain depends on your taste, budget, and your swimming pool’s overall design. Let it be a centerpiece, a side feature, or a combination of these three. After all, there is no reason why you can’t own the dream home with the perfect backyard.

In a world where technology has developed into every area of our lives, from phones to cars to appliances, even finding a simpler way to enjoy your poolside is amazing for many homeowners. One device that offers this easier way to enjoy your yard is the pool fountain.

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