How to Keep Frogs Out of the Pool: 7 Surefire Ways to Keep Them Away

If you have a swimming pool, chances are you’re going to have a problem with frogs. They’re cute, but they can be a major pain. How to keep frogs out of the pool? Here are 7 effective ways.

Frogs are in your pool and this is a nightmare! No matter what you do, it’s only natural that these hopping and croaking creatures hang in your pool.

It’s not just about keeping them out, though: their bodies will often sink to the bottom of the pool where they’re at risk for drowning before they realize that there is no way out. Below we’ll share the seven surefire ways on how to keep frogs out of the pool.

Frogs are incredibly smart, but it’s too late when their bodies are exhausted from swimming in circles in search of an escape route. If this sounds familiar, don’t despair!

Putting some simple measures on top of your routine is all you need to prevent these slimy critters from taking over the watery depths of your pool.

Where Do the Frogs Come From?

Frog Swimming in the Pool

Frogs and toads get into pools through a few different routes, but the most common is that they hop in from a neighboring puddle or stream. Look for holes in your fence, broken sprinkler heads, and gaps around the edges of your pool where there might be room for a frog to squeeze through. They’ll also go in when you’re not looking, especially if someone left the water running.

7 Proven Tips for How to Keep Frogs Out of the Pool

1. Keep the Lights Off

If you’re going to leave your pool lights on all night, you may as well put up a sign that says “dinner is ready for frogs” over your pool. This is because lights attract insects, which in turn attract a large number of frogs.

Light attracts bugs because they think it’s the moon that they use to navigate at night. So bear in mind to switch off all the lights when you’re not using your pool to keep frogs out of the pool.

2. Install a Pool Cover

Pool Cover to Keep Frogs Away

Using a pool cover is an excellent method to keep your pool clean and in good condition. They keep leaves, grass, dirt, and other debris out of your pool while preventing the chlorine-killing UV rays from depleting your chlorine. They also have the additional benefit of avoiding a froggy invasion.

A pool cover will also prevent insects out of your pool water at night, further encouraging frogs to search for a different source of food during the day. Solar coverings or safety covers can both do the work; but, safety covers can provide you with a little more peace of mind knowing that no frogs will become entangled beneath the cover by mistake.

3. Get a Frog Log

A frog log is a charming little gadget that you can place at the edge of your pool to assist poor, trapped frogs in hopping out if they’ve accidentally fallen into your pool by accident. It’s made up of a floating pad connected to a ramp, similar to an inorganic lily pad attached to a bridge.

If a frog, mouse, or other animal manages to fall into your pool, this handy little device will allow them to escape the pool without being hurt. Using frog logs to keep animals out of your pool is not only a low-cost solution, but it also has the extra benefit of saving you the time and effort of getting rid of dead frogs out of your pool first thing in the morning.

“Dead frogs are unlikely to have any pathogens that are harmful to humans. however, it’s a must to prevent any sources of germs from entering your pool in the first place—including bloated frog corpses—instead of treating them once they have entered.”

Luke Reed, Pool Maintenance Expert

4. Ensure the Pool Water Keep On Circulating

Pool Water Circulation Grid

Moving water is not the same as stationary water. Maintaining the operation of your pool pump can assist you in avoiding the problem of standing water, which draws mosquitoes, gnats, and other insects to your pool, where they will serve as a buffet meal for the froggies.

If you want to go a step further, building and operating a water feature such as a fountain, cascade, or aerator during the night can drive the bugs away and to another waterside where they can hang out and relax. So to effectively keep frogs out of the pool, remove the frogs’ meal from the area and the frogs will likely leave as well.

5. Build a Pool Fence

Installing a pool fence is an excellent idea regardless of whether you have children or pets. These are a perfect additional layer of pool protection, ensuring the safety of your children and dogs even if they go out back unaccompanied.

Additionally, a pool fence is an excellent method to keep frogs out of the pool area. And it will work with other animals as well. The fence must be good enough to keep out smaller animals, as frogs may easily hop through iron bars or chain links. In this situation, a sturdy wood or vinyl fence is your best option. Simply ensure that there are no holes in the fence and that it surrounds the pool.

6. Try Simple Deterrents

Ground Coffee and Coffee Beans

There are several home treatments available that may assist in gently encouraging to keep frogs out of the pool. These will be inexpensive and may even have some beneficial effects on your yard or garden.

  • Coffee grounds: To discourage frogs from hanging around your pool, you may scatter used coffee grounds around the perimeter. Since coffee is highly irritating to the skin of frogs, they will be forced to stay away from pools that have a forcefield of coffee around them. If you’re working in a garden, the nitrates in coffee are also beneficial to the soil’s health.
  • Vinegar: Vinegar is also highly irritating to a frog’s skin and will cause irritation in the same manner as coffee does. Spray the area overnight with a spray bottle full of vinegar if you’ve noticed a lot of frog activity there. This will serve as a practical deterrent and will keep frogs out of the pool area.
  • Citric Acid: Lemon juice and water are also a good deterrent. It is not recommended to spray frogs with this mixture because they may die from it. Sprinkling lemon juice mixture around your pool regularly or in places close to your pool where frogs are known to gather may be a fantastic (and natural) measure against frog invasion.

7. Keep the Garden Maintained

Ensuring that your lawn is well kept is an excellent method to keep frogs out of the pool. In the absence of weeds, long grass, or other green detritus to hide in, frogs will not find your yard to be a suitable habitat for their survival.


With these tips, you can help keep frogs out of the pool. However, if you have a more severe frog problem, you should consider calling a professional wildlife control company to trap the unwanted invaders for you. How do you keep frogs out of the pool? Let us know in the comments section below.

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