The Features You Should Consider Before Buying an Intex Pool

An Intex pool is one of the best pool options for people who are on a budget. However, if you are looking for something that will last for years, you will need to consider the features mentioned below. Read on to find out what they are.

Swimming pools are a staple of summertime fun for most families. They’re also expensive investments that take major upkeep. But that doesn’t stop you from swimming in cool water on a hot day. That’s why, for some families, an Intex pool is the best option. 

Intex pools are easy to set up and can be stored away once they’re not in use. Plus, they’re less expensive than permanent options. In this article, let’s talk about what Intex pools are and the features to consider for the best purchase.

What Are Intex Pools?

Intex Pools in the backyard with trees

Intex is a brand name that’s known for its inflatable pool design. Intex pools are made of vinyl and can be filled with water. They’re sold in packages that include things like pumps, filters, and the pool itself.

They’re also easy to install. You can use a piece of string to mark where you want your plastic pool to be placed on the ground, then just use a pump and hose to fill it up.

You can get an Intex pool for less than $200-$1000. If you’re looking for a nice looking, reliable pool for summer, this could be your best bet! Intex pools are also flame-resistant and come in various colors. For example, you can get an inflatable pool in teal blue or green.

Features You Need to Consider Before Purchasing the Inflatable Pool

The next topic we’ll cover is some considerations you should keep in mind while looking for an Intex pool.

Pool’s Size and Depth

Building an Intex Pool

When it comes to above-ground pools, one of the disadvantages is that their depth remains consistent throughout the pool.

The majority of Intex pools, from small to midsize, have a depth of either 2.5 feet or 4 feet, with the largest models having a depth of up to 5 feet. Pools are available in three different shapes: round, oval, and rectangular.

If you’re looking for a large pool, you’ll find that you have a variety of options. Although the smallest Intex pool manufactured is a circular model with a diameter of 8 feet, the largest pool they make is a rectangular model with a diameter of 32 feet and a length of 16 feet.

Filter and Pump

Filter and Pump of Above Ground Pool

Pools require regular maintenance to keep their water clean, and one of the benefits of purchasing an Intex pool is that they include a combination filter pump. 

This makes it simple to cycle the water in your pool. You should be aware, however, that the larger the pool, the longer it will take to operate the filter pump.

Aside from that, you need to check the filter pump constantly every 2 weeks, just to make sure it’s functioning appropriately.

Also, it would be best for you to not reuse a filthy Intex pool filter, you have to replace it for a good cleaning. These filters are available for around $10 per filter. Some high-end versions use a sand filter. This sort of filter lasts for about five years, according to some manufacturers.

Included Accessories

Intex’s pools will come with a variety of extras. The more features incorporated in a pool, the larger and more expensive it is.

The pool cover and filtration pump are generally all that’s included in small entry-level and mid-level pools. As the pool becomes bigger and becomes more difficult to get in, then they would definitely include a ladder.

A pool cover and ground cloth are optional extras that you’ll receive when your pool grows in. An optional volleyball net will be included with the highest XLR model.

Skimmer baskets, pool benches, foot baths, and floating pool speakers are among the extras you can get.

Build Materials

The walls and floor of every Intex pool are made of durable 3-ply polymer material. The quality improves with each model step.

When it comes to quality, Intex pools employ metal or galvanized steel frames for improved durability and toughness, whereas entry-level pools are made of inflatable materials.

A 50 percent stronger polymer and sturdy steel frame distinguish the Ultra XLR series from the competition.

Metal Rails and Parts of Disassembled Above Ground Pool

“Just like you, your pool’s at its best with regular daily cleaning. Our motto is simple. On the whole, cleaning the pool is good for the soul. Or at least the pool.”

Matt Giovanisci, founder of Swim University®

Bottom Line

Large Intex pools are just like traditional pools. It comes with a filter pump and can be filled with gallons of water. Their filter pump re-circulates the water in the pool and removes any debris and contaminants.

Intex also includes an optional volleyball net, foot bath, and speaker among many other accessories for your pool’s use. The price will vary depending on the model size.

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