Intex Pool Setup: DIY Guide in Less Than Two Hours (Easy to Follow)

Looking for Intex pool setup guide? Here we’ll show you how to set up an Intex Easy Set Pool in less than two hours. We will also give you tips and tricks to help you set up your pool as quickly as possible.

Setting up an Intex pool is easy with these helpful instructions. They can be set up in less than a couple of hours. Intex swimming pools are more durable than most other pool types, but they still require just as much maintenance as other pools do. 

Because they are affordable for anyone to buy, and with their low-maintenance design, these pools have become a staple of backyard swimming parties.

In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the Intex pool setup.

Intex Pool Setup Guide (Quick & Easy)

Step 1. Look For a Nice Flat Ground

flat ground front yard of  a residence

When deciding where to place the pool, you need to consider the number of people who will be using it, as well as how big your yard is. 

Remember that you’ll need to leave enough room for swimmers to take breaks without bothering your neighbors or tripping over things. If you have a huge yard with lots of space, setting up the pool in the center will not be an issue. 

If your yard is small, placing it against a wall or fence will work just fine. The corner of your backyard can also work if you don’t mind swimming against the wall beneath the sun, which many people don’t like doing.

Note: ”It’s OK if the walls and frame structure lean inward. As the pool fills with water, the sides will slowly move outward and be supported.”

Matt Giovanisci, founder of Swim University®

Step 2. Remove Any Sharp Objects and Hazards From the Installation Spot

Make sure the area is free of pebbles, twigs, and sticks, as well as any sharp items that might puncture the swimming pool before placing anything on the ground.

Over time, tough grasses such as St. Augustine, Bermuda, and other varieties can push their way through the ground cover and liner of your pool. As a result, if these tough glasses are present in the specified area, you should remove them.

Step 3. Place Out the Tarp and Put Out the Intex Swimming Pool

Before you begin to assemble the pool, It would be best to place a tarp underneath where you will place the Intex swimming pool. This will safeguard the pool against potential things that can puncture and tear through the vinyl.

Put out your inflatable Intex swimming pool on top of the tarp. Center it as much as possible and smooth it out. The blue inflatable ring of the pool is supposed to face up in a circular shape.

Step 4. Inflate the Ring

To inflate the blue ring, you can use an air compressor or an air pump. To know that it’s properly inflated, the ring should be solid but not too hard. Be careful of over-inflating the pool.

When it’s hot outside, the air inside the Intex swimming pools expands to accommodate the heat. So, be aware of overinflation because this could pop your pool at any time.

Step 5. Fill the Intex Swimming Pool With Water to About 1 Inch

above ground pool with water

After making sure the drain plug is closed, fill the pool with your garden hose. During the Intex swimming pool installation, ask a friend or family to lend you a hand by standing in the pool and spreading out the wrinkles formed at the bottom of the pool’s surface as you fill it.

During this stage, ensure that the water is distributed evenly throughout the pool. Uneven distribution of water indicates that you need to move to more flat ground.

Step 6. Keep Filling the Swimming Pool

The walls will raise and sustain themselves as the pool fills. The Intex swimming pool is loaded when the water reaches the mark beside the bottom of the blue inflatable ring. 

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Step 7. Assemble the Filter Pump

Filter and Pump of Above Ground Pool

You will need to assemble the filter pump before you fix it on the pool. Connect the hose to the pump and then connect it to the Intex swimming pool’s filter. 

Make sure that you have checked for any leaks before connecting all the hoses. 

Step 8. Operate the Filter Pump

First, remove the two plugs that are obstructing water coming from the filter pump hoses. Once you see it starting to fill up with water, put the strainer piece into the intake hole to prevent particles from entering your filter. 

The open hole piece should be inserted into the pool’s disconnected outbound hole. Remove the knob at the top of the pump until water begins to come out visibly, then screw it tightly to attach to the position.

It is necessary to note that the filter doesn’t have to run constantly. We recommend setting it up to operate during the night and turning it off during the day. When there are swimmers inside the swimming pool, it is best not to switch on the filter.

Step 9. Install the Ladder

Intext Pools with Steel Frames

Put the ladder into the pool in an accessible place for your kids or adults to climb up. The ladder’s steps in the pool should be firm enough not to give in when someone climbs on. There are different ladders for Intex Swimming Pools, but 2-step ladders work best for adult-sized pools. 

When installing your ladder, make sure you leave space between it and the wall to avoid banging when you climb up or down. Also, check that you left enough room on top of the wall when installed because you’ll need to set up other things there later on. 

Step 10. Maintain the Intex Pool

The maintenance of the pool largely depends on its size. Pools that are above 10,000 gallons will need to be skimmed or vacuumed once a week. On the other hand, smaller pools don’t need to be vacuumed at all. 

Keep in mind that keeping small pools clean doesn’t require you to use large amounts of water.

Another important tip is making sure you keep your Intex pool’s water well balanced throughout. If not, you could end up with unwanted algae problems, which means more work for you in the long run!


The Intex pool is an easy way to entertain kids during the summertime. It comes with a ladder, easy assembly instructions, and smooth installation. The Intex pool is an affordable option for one who doesn’t want to spend too much money on their entertainment. The only drawback of the pool is that it is not a permanent fixture.

Make sure that you read all of the instructions for assembly before diving in to begin the installation. We hope this article helps you successfully install your Intex pool. If you have any questions feel free to comment below. We’ll try as much as we can to help you out. Good luck and happy swimming!

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