Cool a Pool Best Tips: When Your Pool Gets Too Warm

If your pool is getting too warm, there are some simple ways to cool it down. Read this article for some tips on how to cool a pool while saving on energy costs. Read more here.

Swimming pools provide a cool and refreshing respite from the scorching sun of summer. On a hot day, there’s nothing better than plunging into your backyard pool and soaking up in the cold, revitalizing clear water.

But what if your pool water has passed the point of being “refreshing” and now feels like warm chlorinated bathwater? Fret not. We’ll show you some of the simple techniques on how you can cool a pool when it gets too warm. 

Clear Water in Pool with Metal Stairs

Techniques on How You Can Cool a Pool

Invest in Evaporative Pool Chiller

For some homeowners, installing an evaporative pool chiller is the best remedy to lower their pool temperature. Like air conditioning, pool chiller units blow over-saturated air across a wet pad.

As water evaporates from the pad, it takes heat with it. The cooled air then blows into your home or pool area at a cooler temperature for comfort and enjoyment.

A pool cooler may not only reduce the temperature of your pool by 10 degrees Fahrenheit (or more), but it can also help you save money on pool chemicals. As you probably know, warm temperature burns sanitizers and chlorine at a much faster pace than in a cool temperature. Unfortunately, warm water is also a common breeding ground for algae and pool bacteria. 

Keep the Filter Running Throughout the Night

Many homeowners will turn off their pool filter after it has done its job of filtering the water. While this is generally a good practice, it’s important to occasionally run the filter through the night because the air at night is cooler and can work as an evaporative cooling system. This can cool the temperature of your pool by a few degrees or so.

Are you looking for the best filter for your above-ground swimming pool? Yes? Here are the best options available on the market that will suit your needs and budget.

“Although this is not a failsafe strategy because the evaporative cooling process is somewhat reliant on the air temperature at night where you stay, keeping the water flowing in your pool is a fantastic method to beat the summer heat and keep it from being too hot”

Rick Patterson

Install a Water Feature

Water Feature in Pool

Installing a water feature such as a fountain, a waterfall, or an aerator into your pool area is one of the most effective and aesthetically attractive methods to keep your pool water cool and refreshing.

Apart from being visually appealing and soothing to listen to, they help lower the water temperature, providing fun in the swimming months even when it’s scorching hot outside. 

As the water passes through these features and splashes to the surface, it evaporates and helps cool your pool as a whole. Sure, you will lose a little more water than you would naturally through evaporation, but it is a cost-effective and efficient method that gets the pool cool.

Take advantage of the cooler temperatures after sunset by running your new water feature all night to get the most out of this pool cooling approach.

Build a Shade to Your Backyard Oasis

Swimming Pool with Trees and Umbrellas

Although it may not be a popular option for most homeowners, depending on the layout of your home and the pool, you might have the option of shading your pool area. Either with a natural cool shade from a tree or a fabric shade that blocks sunlight into your pool area, this is a low-cost and effective way to cool down your pool water. 

Not only will it block out sunlight and protect you from harsh ultraviolet rays, which can damage eyes over time, but it will also help create the illusion of being in a shady pond or lake. So not only do these shades help keep things cooler, but they also add a fascinating new dimension to your backyard oasis. 

Drain the Water and Refill Your Pool

If the temperature has risen significantly or is time for a water change, starting from scratch with new pool water may be the best solution. Draining your pool is a costly (and wasteful) alternative, but it may be necessary depending on how hot your pool water is.

We do not advise this approach because it is simply a short-term solution to a season-long issue. Without a cooling solution, your newly refilled pool will just heat up again… and there are also the extra chemicals you’ll need to rebalance and sanitize your newly refilled pool. 

Use a Pool Cover When You Are Not Using the Pool

Pool Cover for Protection and Heat

The use of a pool cover will not significantly decrease the temperature of your pool, but it will prevent the water from the direct heat of the sun. It’s important to ensure you keep the pool temperature just the way you want it by covering, especially during the daytime.

Pool covers don’t have to be expensive. And most of them are also incredibly simple to use. Learn here about Solar Pool Covers (How it works, how to use, & select the well suited for your home pool).

Invest in a Reverse Cycle Heat Pump

A reverse cycle heat pump is an excellent way to cool a pool area down without draining the water significantly.

A reverse cycle heat pump uses cool air from the outside and pumps it into your pool via vents. Although this may seem counterintuitive to what you might think about heat pumps, they are very effective in lowering your pool temperature by using outside air. 

Bottom Line

Using a few of these helpful tips may significantly reduce your pool temperature, turning your backyard swimming pool into a backyard oasis rather than a sweltering hot tub you’d rather avoid.

Maintaining a pleasant temperature in your pool water will not only make swimming more fun. It will also prevent your pool water from algae and bacteria growth, allowing you to spend less money on pool maintenance. Learn more about the right swimming pool temperatures here.

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