4 Of The Best Pool Floats: Everything You Need to Know

Children and adults alike enjoy swimming with pool floats as they have many other uses besides simply adding to the fun. The things you can do with a pool float are endless. Learn more about the best pool floats by reading this article.

Pool floats are great this summer, especially if you have kids. They are the perfect way to keep cool in the pool and ensure that everyone has a blast.

Assuming you like the thought of something to help you chill in the summer in the pool, what should you keep in mind if you’re looking for the best pool floats?

Colorful pool floats

Dimensions: You want to make sure that you get the perfect size for your family. You don’t want the kids to be able to knock each other over with their float. However, at the same time, you also don’t want something too large and bulky. This will only be a nuisance to everyone.

Material: You want something comfortable and relatively durable. You can’t swim for hours on end if your pool floats are too hard or not soft enough. However, plenty of different materials is available to ensure you get what’s best for your family’s use in the pool.

Weight limit: Some manufacturers require a weight limit for floats, and we’ve included a review here so you can make an educated decision about which float is best for your intended customers. If you’re unsure, go with a giant float instead of a smaller one, so you don’t feel unsteady when you’re attempting to rest.

Materials and quality: If you want a float that will survive for a long time, look for floats that are manufactured of raft-grade vinyl. At the same time, we believe that you should be realistic in your expectations for the longevity of any inflatable pool furniture you purchase. Accidents do happen from time to time. If you’re particularly worried about long-term durability, keep an eye out for floats on our shortlist that come with good materials. 

Style: Pool floats come in a variety of styles. Not all of them are cute and cuddly, but many offer a great style and unique design.

Design: This is a pretty broad category, and this depends on your own preferences, but we’ve added it here because it’s something that you should do your research on before pulling the trigger on a specific product. Remember, you get what you pay for, and there are plenty of bargain options out there.

Why Do Pool Floats Deflate?

A deplated pool ball float

The sun’s energy powers our planet, and without it, we would not exist! However, that same energy, in the form of heat and ultraviolet (UV) radiation, can cause significant damage to your inflated pool floats.

There’s also this thing called overinflation with your inflatables’ relationship with the sun. We blow it with warm air from our lungs or a mechanical pump when inflating a pool float. Assuming your favorite floaty has no holes, the warm air during a hot day absorbs kinetic energy from the sun, expands, and causes your inflatable to stiff.

When your pool float comes into touch with cold air, the air molecules in the float begin to slow down and become significantly denser due to the temperature shift. The float will start to deflate at a rate of one psi for every ten-degree dip in temperature.

Fortunately, it’s pretty simple to keep your pool float from deflating; all you have to do is take good care of it and store it properly! 

A pink flamingo pool float

It’s time to give your beloved pink flamingo some TLC before putting it away for the winter. Inflatables that are wet and unclean are ideal breeding grounds for bugs, mildew, molds. Following these simple measures will help you keep your pool floaties in peak condition until you’re ready to inflate them again.

1. Wipe off any accumulated dirt or debris with dry clothes

2. Rinse the float with running water, preferably a garden hose

3. Using a bucket, fill it with eco-friendly soap and warm water

4. Soak the clean cloth in the soapy water and clean away.

5. Thoroughly rinse your pool float.

6. Deflate the float until it’s the desired shape and size.

7. Dry the float, deflate, and gently fold it.

8. Use air-tight containers to store your pool floats / or store your floaties in a safe and dry place if you plan to use them again the next day. 

4 Best Pool Floats

A nice watermelon pool float

1. Swimline Inflatable Rose Wine Bottle

If you’re searching for a traditional pool float that will carry you through the remainder of the summer and beyond, why not give this SwimWays water hammock a try?

Unlike some of the other pool floats on our shortlist, this one includes an integrated cushion, which provides good neck and head support if you want to spend a long time on the float.

When not in use, this float collapses into a very compact package that is great for storage and travel.

With a solid weight capacity of 250 pounds and a length of 69 inches, this is a roomy float ideal for adults or children.

Some customers report having difficulty inflating this float, so if you’re not too practical, you might want to check out one of the more user-friendly pool floats we’re reviewing here.

2. lenbest Water Hammock 4 in 1

If you’re looking for one of the most effective multifunctional pool floats on the market, the best Water Hammock 4 in 1 has you covered.

This model comes with the color pink and blue and feels like a traditional hammock floating in the pool.

The buoyant cushions at either end of this float are connected by mesh, allowing you to relax on the water, in the same manner, you would be in a hammock on land.

The mesh and vinyl construction are soft, comfortable, and durable enough for lengthy lounging sessions. 

The four-in-one design transforms this hammock into a chair, a floater, or an exercise saddle, making it one of the most flexible pool furniture available. 

3. Mermaid Tail Pool Float

Jasonwell carries a large selection of pool floats, including this inflatable mermaid tail. Available in pink hue or less gaudy green.

Suitable for toddlers and adults, the broad weight restriction of 300 pounds provides plenty of room for swimmers.

The intelligently designed valves make inflating and deflating this float a snap, which is ideal if you’re constantly on the go.

With a thick and durable raft-grade vinyl structure, this mermaid tail will give your poolside a whole new meaning of relaxation.

4. The Intex Watermelon Island Float

This original design and artwork of this inflatable pool from Funboy cannot be found anywhere else. It’s produced in minimal quantities, and it’s copyright protected.

Once it’s set up, this inflatable measures 50 inches long. One of the largest pool floats on our shortlist, so it’s supposed to accommodate adults comfortably enough. 

You can put your beverage in the cup holder without worrying about it spilling when you bob about on the water, thanks to a strengthened cup holder.

Aside from a few minor faults discovered during quality control, an overwhelming majority of customer feedback for this pool float has been good. Featuring a wide upper weight limit and an unrivaled construction quality, it’s one of the greatest swimming pool floats available on the market.

A young woman using pool float in a sunny day

Bottom Line

Please note that you need to be sure there are no water hazards before using any of these pool floats. Be sure to clean your pool floats before packing them up for winter storage, and if you’re looking for ultra-spacious models with additional features like cup holders or sun shades, consider investing in one of our listed picks. 

The content of this article is based on our own experience with the above-mentioned pool floats and their features, as well as on the opinions of customers. The author is not affiliated in any way with any aforementioned manufacturers or brands.

We hope you find this article helpful and informative! Below you’ll find more pool-related articles you might find valuable. Have fun browsing!

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