Benefits of Using a Variable Speed Pool Pump Over a Standard

When you are searching for the best way to heat your swimming pool, it’s important to understand the benefits of using a variable speed pool pump over a standard model. You’ll want to choose one that is energy efficient and will save you money.

At first look, it’s easy to shy away from buying a Variable Speed Pool Pump due to their high price tag, but you may be surprised by what they have to offer.

Variable Speed Pool Pump

There are many benefits to buying a Variable Speed Pool Pump. We’ll run through the top benefits and show why we’re confident they will improve your experience. For instance, better filtration, energy savings, better user experience, less noise, and longer warranties are just some of the things that might appeal to you. 

Let’s start with the first benefit – energy savings. You can save money by investing in a Variable Speed Pool Pump because it helps reduce electrical costs over time. This is not only beneficial for the consumer but also for those members of your family back home. 

If any of them seem beneficial to you, then read on and decide for yourself why Variable Speed Pool Pumps are worth every cent.

6 Huge Benefits of Variable Speed Pool Pumps

Energy Saving Light Bulbs

Huge Energy Savings

Simply put, the higher the speed of your pump, the more energy it consumes. In fact, according to a study led by the Department of Energy, pool pumps are the largest energy consumer in a household. This is particularly true if you operate your pump for more than 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Variable Speed Pool Pumps (VSP) essentially increase and decrease your pump’s speed as it’s required to. This makes your pool pump consume less energy and ultimately save you money on electricity bills. This is especially true if you have an older or inefficient pool pump motor that uses lots of energy. 

Faster Filtration

Drain Hole in the Side for Pool Filtration System

Variable Speed Pool Pumps are connected to your pool filtration system. They increase and decrease the pool pump’s speed according to the needs of your pool. This leads to an automatic flow rate adjustment, which can boost your pool’s filtration speed by a lot compared to traditional pumps.

This helps reduce water loss in your pool. Not only that, but it also allows you to enjoy your pool’s water more often, especially if you have a pool that gets too cold.

Smoother and Noiseless

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If you have a variable speed pool pump, it will run much smoother and quieter than a normal motor. This is particularly true for older motor pumps that have been operated at a constant-speed setting for years without being serviced. Also, newer pumps that have not adjusted in a while will benefit from the features that come with a variable-speed model.

When a variable speed pool pump is working at lesser rates, you may fail to hear it at all. Variable speed pool pumps are far quieter than conventional pumps, even at greater speeds. One reason for this is that the variable speed pool pump motor runs slower, making a less “brrr” sound. 

Because of the difference in motor design, variable speed pool pumps create 25 percent fewer decibels, about 40-50 dB, compared to 60-70 dB for regular pool pumps, when all other factors are equal.

Better User Experience

Pool Pump Timer On and Off

Pool pumps are typically controlled by a time clock or a switch close to the pump. Unlike the older mechanical time clocks, variable speed pumps are equipped with an onboard computer that allows you to quickly navigate through pump menus to configure the speed and operating times.

Numerous VS pumps allow for rotation of the interface. Hayward VS pumps, for example, have an adapter kit for wall mounting the control panel. If you’re searching for cutting-edge technology, Jacuzzi JVX pumps have a Bluetooth app that can be controlled by a smartphone or tablet control.

One of the most significant advantages of VS pumps is their availability with automation systems or pool controllers, which enable completely remote operation and control.

Longer Warranty

Warranty Words

Variable speed pumps come with much longer warranties than conventional speed pool pumps. This also implies that VS pumps will outlast and outperform their older counterparts, which means you’ll be much less likely to have to replace them in the future. 

Every pool pump manufacturer has its own warranty policy. They all offer a warranty on the motor of VS pumps that is either similar or better than their standard warranties on conventional motor types. Also, some manufacturers may extend this warranty period for specific models, sparking additional interest in their products. 

That being stated, warranties for VS Pumps purchased from internet sellers are different from those offered at the main stores. These warranties are significantly shorter, in some cases, as short as 30 days. In addition, they may include restrictions such as a parts-only guarantee (with no labor coverage) or the requirement that a professional install the piece of equipment.

We understand the internet has some excellent deals to offer. Just be wary of what you are actually getting on your online purchases. 

Ease of Installation and Programming

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The installation of a VS pump motor is in the same manner as a single-speed motor.  

  • All the original pump components of a single-speed motor can work with VS motor. 
  • You can transfer the wiring from a single-speed motor to a VS motor. 
  • The three lines to power a single-speed motor are also used to power a variable speed motor. 

After installing the motor, the next thing you want to do is to program your pump. Because each pool is unique, there is no set of standards to follow. However, the speed settings must be adjusted in accordance with the equipment’s specifications.

There will be trial and error or experimentation with different motor speeds, but once you finally find what operating speed works best, you can easily set the run times.

Remember: Cleaners and water features do not have to operate the entire time the pump is on. It is common for those products to run for only an hour or two every day. As we said above, using the engine at lower speeds results in the biggest savings.

In addition to these advantages, using a variable speed pump will soon become a legal requirement and a federal requirement in the USA. Moreover, because of these new minimum efficiency standards, it won’t be easy to find a standard or single-speed pool pump (with a capacity of more than 1 HP) after the summer of 2021 and beyond.

Bottom Line

A variable speed pump can be an excellent investment for any pool enthusiast and can also save energy and decrease maintenance costs. But most importantly, when paired with automation, VS pumps allow for remote control and energy efficiency. 

“Here’s something to think about: a properly programmed pump can pay for itself in energy savings before the warranty period expires. That’s impressive.”

Robert Vining, pool enthusiast.

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