Small Poolside Bar Ideas: Creative and Functional Designs for Your Backyard Oasis

Create the perfect backyard retreat with these small poolside bar ideas. From sleek and modern designs to rustic and charming setups, find the inspiration you need to upgrade your outdoor space.

Small poolside bars have gained popularity as a way to create a cozy and enjoyable space in outdoor areas. These bars offer a convenient and stylish relaxing spot while enjoying drinks by the pool. 

This article explores ideas for small poolside bars that can transform your backyard into a beautiful and functional oasis. Whether you have limited space or want to enhance your poolside experience, these ideas will inspire you to design an intimate bar that suits your taste and lifestyle. Let’s dive into the world of small poolside bar ideas and discover how to create a refreshing oasis in your backyard.

Small Poolside Bar Ideas

1. Tiki Bar Design

Consider setting up a small poolside bar. Consider creating a tiki bar for your very own backyard retreat! Key materials to achieve this tropical vibe include thatched roofing and bamboo fencing. Other light-colored woods can also enhance the island aesthetic. 

Tiki hut and bar

Complete the set-up with bamboo patio furniture and bar stools, perfect for adding to the relaxed, tropical ambiance. Consider incorporating hibiscus flowers, surfboards, and tiki masks for additional decoration. These elements can add color and fun to your tiki bar.

A few wicker outdoor tiki torches provide extra lighting and create a cozy atmosphere. Also, add outdoor wicker bar stools for comfort.

With these small poolside bar ideas, you can create a space perfect for enjoying fruity rum drinks. No matter where you are, your tiki bar will make you feel like you’re vacationing on a tropical island.

2. Entertainment Drink Bar

Consider setting up a small bar dedicated to drinks for a fun, functional pool area. Key features could include:

  • A kegerator for ready-to-serve cold drinks.
  • A refreshment center with a sink for fresh water.
  • An outdoor refrigerator for storing canned beverages.

Remember an outdoor ice maker for cooling drinks – some even produce ice in fun shapes! With these small poolside bar ideas, you’ll turn your pool area into an inviting space for entertainment.

3. Boho Style

Explore the boho theme for your small poolside bar. It’s unconventional and artistic and allows numerous decorating options. Key features include patterned fabrics, earthy wood, rattan furniture, and outdoor bar stools.

You could add hanging plants and chairs under shelters for a relaxed vibe. Consider setting up a pergola or gazebo with fairy lights and curtains for privacy and shade for an extra magic touch.

boho pool

4. Stone-Look Bar

Thinking about a small poolside bar? How about trying a stone-style bar? This classic look can make your poolside bar feel like a chic bistro or a sturdy backyard bar. You can find stones in many colors and shapes, so matching your style is easy.

Stone Look Bar

But stone can be costly and sometimes difficult to maintain. That’s where concrete comes in. Believe it or not, concrete can look like stone, but it’s more challenging and cheaper. You get the look of a stacked stone bar without the hassle or expense.

To top off your poolside bar, consider adding some classy bar stools. They’re the perfect finishing touch for your space.

5. Natural Small Poolside Bar

Fancy a natural look for your small poolside bar? A wood-themed bar with outdoor furniture is a great choice. While real wood can rot and warp, concrete is an excellent alternative. 

It’s durable and can be styled to look like various colored wooden planks. If you insist on real wood, consider teak or acacia – they’re weatherproof. Remember to add some potted and hanging plants. They’ll complement the bar’s natural wood colors beautifully.

6. Mediterranean Themed Bar

Brighten up your outdoor area with a Mediterranean-style bar. This stands out and brings a sunny touch to your yard. Get the Mediterranean to feel using white and light colors. A white bar can serve as a dining table, with a matching bar cart for wine and glasses. 

Consider light-colored umbrellas, lights, and tile patterns on an accent wall for an authentic Mediterranean vibe. This can make your small poolside bar feel like a cozy Greek retreat.

7. Covered Bar

Ever thought about a roof for your small poolside bar? It’s perfect for all types of weather, whether sunny or rainy. You can choose from many options, like an awning, a gazebo, or a pergola. Besides giving shade, they also add style. You can have vines on a pergola or lights hanging from a gazebo.

Some roofs even allow for electricity. This means you can have lights or a fan above your bar. Adding a roof to your bar can make it comfortable and expand your living area to the outdoors.

Covered Bar

8. Galley-Style Layout

Looking for small poolside bar ideas? Try a galley-style layout. This design has a seating counter on one side and a cooking island on the other. It’s easy to move between these areas, making serving drinks a snap.

You can customize your cooking island with any appliance, like a sink, ice maker, or fridge. Plus, the bar is higher than the island for added seating comfort. This simple design offers an outstanding balance of function and comfort for your poolside area.

9. Open Kitchen Bar

Should your kitchen have a view of your pool area or patio, the open bar idea is the right fit. This concept combines your patio and kitchen through a restaurant-style bar opening, simplifying serving drinks and food. For enthusiastic cooks, consider exploring these outdoor kitchen kits to enhance your outdoor culinary experience.

10. Dual Use Grill Bar

Imagine a small, cozy spot by your pool where you can cook and chat. It’s a simple stone structure with a grill and bar counter with seats. This is a great idea for fun summer parties. When planning, remember to put it at a safe distance from your house to avoid grill smoke inside. Also, check the usual wind direction to keep smoke away from your guests. Adding a stylish outdoor bar table could be a great touch. That’s a small poolside bar idea for you!

Grill Bar

11. The Compact Tiki Bar

If you’re searching for small poolside bar ideas, then a compact, portable Tiki bar could be your ideal solution. Perfect for homes with limited outdoor space, renters seeking flexibility, or those who desire to move their social gatherings to different locations, this bar can cater to your needs. 

The design incorporates foldable bar stools for convenient transport, while a wheeled storage bag, a tropical Tiki umbrella, and a detachable ice bucket complete the package, offering everything you need for a fantastic poolside celebration.

12. Wine Barrel and Reclaimed Wood Fusion

Looking for small poolside bar ideas that ooze rustic charm and uniqueness? Consider crafting an eye-catching outdoor bar using wine barrels as the foundation, topped with a magnificent slab of reclaimed wood for the countertop. Using repurposed and reclaimed materials, you can create a distinctive, compact poolside bar where you can finally uncork that special bottle of wine you’ve been saving.

13. Pergola Outdoor Bar Area

How about building a small poolside bar under a pergola? This is like a roof that keeps you cool and dry. It also shields your bar from rain and sun. Add a little magic with some lights. String them under the pergola to brighten up the bar at night. This makes your backyard the perfect spot for a fun evening with friends.

Try an all-white bar if you want something less rustic and more modern. This fresh small poolside bar idea also includes a pergola for shade. Here, you can hang basket lights, creating a stylish look.

Pergola Outdoor Bar Area

14. Poolside Mini Backyard Shed

Incorporating a small poolside bar into your shed is a fantastic concept for entertaining, with the added advantage of being a storage area for bar stools and outdoor decor during off-peak times.

Envision transforming your small shed into an inviting poolside bar with the addition of a large window or opening. Install a bar ledge and complete the look with a few bar stools.

One of the unique advantages of these small poolside bar ideas is the dual functionality it offers. It can house all your bar furnishings when not in use and provide a shaded retreat from the sun.

15. The Mini Camper Bar

Consider transforming a compact camper into your very own poolside bar. Strategically position the mini camper in your backyard, adjacent to the pool, and open its windows to reveal a charming and unique outdoor bar.

The beauty of these small poolside bar ideas, such as the mini camper bar, lies in their adaptability. You can close the windows or even relocate the bar to your garage, safeguarding it from adverse weather conditions.

16. Enclosed Patio Bar

Consider incorporating a bar in a sunroom or enclosed patio as another unique outdoor bar concept. Take advantage of the space available in this setting by constructing a bar where you can relish watching the matches of your preferred sports.

Imagine savoring a warm cup of coffee in the early morning at this bar, all while taking in the picturesque views of the outdoors.

Author’s Note

Small poolside bars are a great way to make outdoor space fun. We’ve looked at many ideas, from tropical tiki bars to elegant stone bars and compact designs like mini campers. Each one brings a unique style and function to your poolside area. Whether you want a place for parties or a peaceful, relaxing spot, there’s an idea for everyone. So, why wait? Start planning your small poolside bar today and make your backyard the place to be!

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