How to Change a Pool Light Bulb: Quick and Easy Steps

You can change a pool light bulb yourself. This article will explain how you can change a pool light bulb, how to break down the process into easy steps, and how you can save money by changing a pool light bulb yourself.

It’s the middle of summer, and you’ve been itching to get into that swimming pool all day. You go out with your family and friends to the backyard with grand intentions of getting into that sizzling water by dusk. But when you’re ready for a nighttime dip, you find yourself searching all over for the lights in your pool! 

What do you do? Resist the urge to rush out and purchase a new pool light bulb, or try and change it yourself? If you’ve ever had to change a light bulb (and we pool fanatics do…) Then you know just how it’s a bit trickier than changing one in your house. And doing so also comes with a few safety hazards.

In this article, we will bring you step-by-step instructions for how to change a light bulb.

Steps to Replace a Pool Light Bulb

Pool light bulb

The pool in the backyard is a perfect spot for cooling off during summer. The only problem is the lack of light when it comes time to take a refreshing dip. You can change these pool light bulbs quickly and easily with these quick and easy steps. 

DIY Easy Steps

Are you up for the task of changing a pool light bulb on your own?

That is what we are here for! Determine which pool light bulb is suitable with your pool first, and then ensure you have the necessary materials on hand.

Materials to Gather:

  • Pool light bulb replacement
  • Lens gasket replacement
  • Philips and flathead screwdrivers
  • Multimeter
  • Dry towels

It’s time to change that pool light bulb!

A pool light bul with sun reflection

Step 1: Switch off the Power 

 Switch off the power to the pool light fixture before you do anything else. This will be a breaker in your electrical box or a specific switch for the pool light fixture. 

Step 2: Drain Some Water From the Pool (Optional)

Draining water from the pool is optional. But this allows you to reach the pool light fixture with ease. This will also reduce the effort that has to be put into changing that pool light bulb. 

Draining your inground pool will take some time, patience, and specific knowledge. Learn more here.

Step 3: Remove the Pilot Screw From the Light

You can see this at the top of the light. Screw types differ for different pool light bulbs, so you’ll be needing a flathead or a Phillips screwdriver.

Step 4: Test the Pool Bulb Electrical Wiring

Before touching the wires with your hands, take out your voltage tester (multimeter) and check to ensure no electricity passes through them. If your multimeter reads anything, this shows that something has not been switched off.

Double-check that your pool breaker is switched off before proceeding to the next step.

Step 5: Remove the Pool Light Bulb

A pool light bulb detached from the side of the wall

If your multimeter tests a flatline, you’re safe to go! It’s time to dismantle the light fixture. Spread a dry towel on the pool deck to provide a suitable working area (and avoid scratching the lens).

Unscrew the clamps and keep them safe for later. To reach the pool light bulb with ease, carefully detach the face ring and take apart the lens and the lens gasket.

If your parts are pretty old, you may see some rust here. Remember to exercise caution when removing these items and ensure that nothing falls into the pool. Remove any old gasket residue from the surface of the lens with a wet towel once it has been cleaned. Then grab a damp towel to wipe away any old gasket residue from the lens’ surface.

Step 6: Install the New Light Bulb

Once you already have your new light bulb replacement, it’s time to say goodbye to the broken bulb.

Ensure that you don’t touch the lightbulb directly. These bulbs are so fragile that even the oils in your fingers can damage them, causing them to burn out more quickly. Grab the new bulb with a towel and screw it in the same way you removed the old one.

Make sure you tighten up the new bulb but don’t over-tighten. Remember to be gentle with these fragile bulbs. The last thing you want is to unintentionally break the bulbs before you get to set them up nicely.

Step 7: Test the Pool Lights

Turn on the power and check that the light turns on before replacing the fixture in the pool wall.

Note: “Act fast, as pool lights aren't built to function well out of water for very long.” - Matt, founder of Swim University

Important: Once the light is working, turn off the power again to install the pool lights.

Looking for the best pool lights to light up your beautiful pool? Learn everything you need to know here!

Step 8: Inspect for Any Leaks

Drench the fixture and ensure that no air escapes from the edges of the light. If you notice air bubbles, remove the fixture from the water and repeat the procedure of pulling it apart, drying it inside, and putting it back again.

Then, retest until you don’t see any more air bubbles.

Step 9: Replace the Light Fixture in the Swimming Pool Wall

Push the extra wiring firmly into the wall and carefully reinstall the fixture in its original location. Make sure the screw hole(s) in the fixture matches the screw hole(s) in the wall before replacing the screw(s).

Those with a preexisting panic disorder and who experience chronic and irrational fear may become affected by claustrophobia.

Step 10: Light the Power Back On

Pool light bulbs lightings during night

Check one last time to make sure that the light is giving your pool that bright look. When it does, now is again the time to enjoy a fantastic summer pool all night long!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I replace an incandescent bulb with an LED bulb in my pool light fixture?

Yes, many pool light fixtures are compatible with LED bulbs. However, it’s important to ensure compatibility with your specific fixture model and consult a professional if needed.

How long do pool light bulbs typically last?

Incandescent bulbs usually last around 1,000 to 2,000 hours, while LED pool light bulbs can last anywhere from 25,000 to 50,000 hours or more, making them a longer-lasting option.

Are pool light bulbs safe to use in water?

Yes, pool light bulbs are designed to be used underwater. They are sealed to prevent water from entering and causing electrical hazards.

Can I use colored light bulbs in my pool?

Yes, many LED pool light bulbs offer the option to change colors, allowing you to create different lighting effects and ambiance in your pool.

How do I maintain pool light bulbs?

Regular maintenance includes checking for any signs of water leakage, corrosion, or damage. Keep the light fixture clean from debris and regularly inspect the wiring for any wear or damage. If you notice any issues, consult a professional for repairs or replacement.

Author’s Note

After all this hard work, you will be able to enjoy your pool at night with these lights. Not only will this make the whole night more exciting, but it will also give you more ways to entertain your friends or family.

It will take a little time at first to acclimate yourself to the new lights, but it’s well worth it to see your pool glow. Happy Swimming!

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