Polaris Pool Cleaners: A Comparison Guide to Finding the Best for Your Pool

Polaris pool cleaners are the best cleaners available on the market. They are strong enough for the toughest jobs, but gentle enough to keep your pool clean and clear. Read this guide to find out if a Polaris cleaner is right for you.

We’ve written together this Polaris pool cleaner comparison guide to help you find the best pool cleaner for your needs. You’ll learn the different types of these machines, and how they work.

Buying a Polaris pool cleaner is the smart thing to do if you want a dependable machine that maintains the pool with little effort on your part! With our handy buyer’s guide, it’s easier than ever to choose which one is perfect for you.

Polaris Pool Cleaners: Working Polaris Pool Cleaner in Pool

Let’s look at the Polaris 280, 360, 380, and 3900 pool cleaner in more detail below.

Polaris 280 Pressure Side Pool Cleaner

The Polaris 280 is perfect for small to medium-sized pools with an auxiliary booster pump or pools that accumulate small debris. The unit has a tiny turbine, narrow throat, rear propulsion jet, and venturi jets.

The 280 comes with a thin turbine, driving shaft, and idler wheel to give forward drive to the cleaner’s wheels.

The Polaris 280 comes with a big capacity filter bag that catches and retains small and large debris, such as leaves and pine needles that other cleaners may miss.

Polaris 360 Pressure Side Pool Cleaner

The Polaris 360 is perfect for small to medium-sized pools that lack an additional booster pump and accumulate bigger debris. This unit has a big turbine, a broad throat, one rear propulsion jet, and three venturi jets.

The 360 employs a huge turbine, reduction gears, and belts, giving good features that help clean your pool. It’s not advisable to use the 360 for pool owners that use a booster pump.

Polaris 380 Pressure Side Pool Cleaner

The Polaris 380 is ideal for medium to large pools with a booster pump or pools with bigger debris. This unit has a big turbine, a broad throat, one rear propulsion jet, and three venturi jets.

The 380 employs a huge turbine, reduction gears, and belts to provide forward propulsion to the automatic cleaner. For Polaris 360 and 380, the obvious difference is their water management system.

Polaris 3900

The Polaris 3900 Sport is ideal for big to XL pools with a booster pump or pools that accumulate large debris. This unit has a big turbine, a broad throat, and three venturi jets. To provide forward drive to the automatic cleaner, the 3900 Sport employs All-wheel PosiDrive, consisting of a set of reduction gears and a stainless steel chain.

Other Things to Consider

Polaris Booster Pump

The Polaris PB4-60 Booster Pump is needed to operate Polaris 280, 380, and 3900 Sport. This device includes a 360° adjustable volute, a high-efficiency HP motor, a pool pump stand, and, of course, the installation kit.

The booster pool pump is not primed and should only be used when the main circulation pump is functioning well. 

Pool owners usually position the pump in the pool area at a convenient height. The pump’s handle provides ease when lifting the machine into position, eliminating back strain when extending it towards the pool filter or into the skimmer.

The pool pump is height-adjustable, which you can set to provide optimum performance in all types of pools.

Polaris Feed Hoses

Polaris models will include a full water pressure feed, including a backup valve, hose floats, swivels, and hose nuts. The Polaris 280, 380, and 3900, to function well, use the 31′ G5 feed hose. You can change the hose of all Polaris models to adjust the length and fit your pool. 

Polaris Universal Wall Connects

Polaris versions will have a universal wall fitting, red and blue restrictor disks, a filter screen, a pressure relief valve, and a fast disconnect.

The Polaris 280, 380, and 3900 Sport all utilize the same 9-100-9001 universal wall connection. Because of the corrugated hose, the 360 needs a different style of a universal wall to connect.

Polaris Back-up Valves

The Polaris pool cleaners are the best in the industry. They are so good that they work with many different types of backup valves. The Polaris 380, the Poolmaster 380, and the Polaris 3900 Sport all have a built-in backup system that you can activate using a pressure switch.

The Poolmaster 380 and the 3900 Sport have an upper section that you can attach to your pool’s backup line. The Polaris 280 has a built-in airflow system that you can attach to your pool’s return line.

Polaris Tires

Polaris pool cleaners come with tires designed for plaster/gunite or pebble tec pools. C10 Tires are standard on the Polaris 280,360 and 380.

For fiberglass and in-ground vinyl installations, the Polaris 360 and 380 use a C13 PosiTrax Tire. The Polaris 3900 Sport features 48-232 extra-wide tires you can use on all interior kinds.

Polaris Filtration Bags

The Polaris 280, 360, and 380 use the 31-inch G4 filter bag. The Polaris 3900 Sport uses a 39-310 Super Bag with zipper containment.

Sweep Hoses

Polaris versions include a tail sweep. The tail sweep’s primary function is to swoop, scrape, and clean debris on the pool’s bottom. 

Here are the types of hoses Polaris pool cleaners uses:

  • Polaris 280 and 380 – B5 sweep hose
  • Polaris 360 – 9-100-1011 sweep hose
  • Polaris 3900 – 39-500 sweep hose

A jet of water can splash into the surrounding pool area if the tail sweep breaches the surface of the water. To avoid this, you can use the sweep hose adjustment screw. Polaris designed the TSP10S Tail Sweep Pro Scrubber to eliminate this problem.

Why Polaris Pool Cleaners Are a Good Investment

Polaris Pool Cleaners: Polaris Pool Cleaner in Deep End Water

The Polaris pool cleaners are great for households with a pool because they will ensure no debris in your pool every day. The Polaris is also explicitly designed to be more powerful than most other models on the market. 

“Polaris is an all-American powerhouse of a brand for more than four decades, offering cleaning solutions to thousands of delighted pool owners.”

Richard and Angela, founder of Swimming Pool Daily

Another way that they are different from other models is that they can work in any swimming pool, whether it has water features or not. They can also filter the water and keep the chlorine levels at an appropriate level.

Another great thing about these pool cleaners is that they are cost-effective because you don’t have to buy any new filter cartridges this entire year, something else that most people find very convenient for them.

This makes cleaning your pool much easier because you don’t have to move the cleaner too much. Simply turn it around, and it will clean all the dirt and debris.


It is clear that Polaris pool cleaners are a great investment that will save you money. They offer an array of benefits over other models and can be used in all types of pools.

The Polaris pool cleaners are powerful, built to last, and of the highest quality out there. They will be the perfect addition to your backyard oasis because they will keep your pool clean for you to enjoy all year round.

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