How to Keep Ducks Out of the Pool: 10 Best Tips & Tricks

Ducks can be a real pain, but these tips and tricks will show you how to keep ducks out of the pool area. Read more here.

How to keep ducks out of the pool? Ducks are some of the most destructive pests. They will eat plants, destroy mulch, poop in the pool, and more.

Here are ten approaches to get rid of pesky waterfowl. Depending on your needs, you can choose one or many.

You might find that some suggestions work better than others depending on the duck population in your area (geese tend to be much more difficult to deter!) but implementing them all should lessen their presence in backyard oases.

The Problem With Ducks in the Swimming Pool

Ducks/goose droppings and feathers will stain and rot, and that will attract more ducks. They will damage plants, create a mess in your swimming pool or patio, and create an unsanitary environment for the swimmers.

Six Ducks Swimming in the Pool

In addition, waterfowl could pose a health threat. Ducks have been known to dive under the water and swim up to your toes! They can also injure swimmers. 

Also, duck and goose poop is a health hazard to swimmers. E.coli, Salmonella, Campylobacter, or Cryptosporidium (Crypto for short) are a few bacteria present in duck feces. While chlorine destroys most of these harmful contaminants, Crypto may live for up to a week in even the cleanest pools.

Additionally, ducks are at risk when swimming in the pool. Consuming chlorinated water permanently affects their kidneys, and they drink a lot of water when swimming.

How to Keep Ducks Out of the Pool

Most people keep the ducks out of their pool by making it inaccessible. Here are the most common ways to keep the ducks out of your pool: 

1. Pool Out Inflatable Animal Toys When You’re Not Around

Floating Inflatable Animal Toy on Pool

Wild ducks do not like to swim in waterways that are infected with predators. Keep some inflatable animal toys (alligators, killer whales, snakes, peacocks, and dolphins) in the pool when you aren’t using them to frighten away ducks.

This approach, on the other hand, does not always work. Once the ducks realize that the floating object is not a genuine threat, they will just return.

2. Buy a Solar Cover

Solar Covering Swimming Pool

Pool owners use solar covers to prevent water evaporation and add solar radiation to increase the pool temperature by up to 15 degrees. You can buy pool covers in different sizes, so finding what’s best for your pool is easy.

Moreover, if you’re planning to buy one to ward off ducks, be sure to purchase one that fits your pool so ducklings don’t manage to swim in and get stuck underneath the cover.

Adding solar cover is a good pool warmer, preventing leaves and debris from sneaking into the pool, and at the same time, it’s an excellent way to prevent ducks from dipping in your pool yard and pooping in it.

3. Take Care of a Dog

Suppose the fake inflatable predators don’t keep the ducks out. Owning a dog can easily save ducks from getting into your pool. Dogs have been known to be one of the predators of ducks.

Just hearing your dog bark will have these wild ducks feeling out of your backyard. It’s quite a reactive method but it works well.

Cute Black Dog near Swimming Pool

“Important: Barking at ducks to deter them from entering your pool is not a cause to own a dog. A dog (or any pet) demands a long-term commitment of love, care, and attention, as well as financial resources for food, toys, and medical care. Purchase a dog (or any other pet) only if you are willing to make all of those commitments to another living being deserving of the finest possible care.”

Matt Giovanisci, founder of Swim University®

4. Invest in an Automatic Pool Cleaner

If your dog is too sluggish to chase out ducks, you may always rely on a machine to do the task. You can easily spook ducks. An automated cleaning will keep the ducks out of your pool. Even the sound of a vacuum cleaner might be enough to scare them away.

5. Discouraging Flight Landings with Fishing Lines

A lesser-known but effective method for how to keep ducks out of the pool is the strategic use of fishing lines. By crisscrossing a fishing line above your pool, you create an invisible barrier that ducks are unable to see. Should they encounter these lines while attempting to land, the experience is likely to 6deter them from a second attempt, thus securing your pool from unwelcome splashdowns.

6. Utilizing Surface Tension Altering Solutions

If you’re wondering how to keep ducks out of the pool without excessive use of traditional chemicals, consider Duck Off. This product alters the surface tension of the pool water, making it an unpleasant environment for ducks to swim or land in. Duck Off, specifically designed to be safe for use in pools, can serve as an effective measure for those reluctant to introduce a mix of harsh chemicals into their pool water.

7. Introducing Automated Water Defenses

For those pondering how to keep ducks out of the pool, installing a motion-activated sprinkler can be a remarkably effective solution. These sprinklers are triggered by movement, releasing a burst of water that startles ducks and other wildlife, prompting them to flee. The unexpected nature of the spray provides a non-harmful yet persuasive deterrent.

8. Landscaping as a Natural Deterrent

Tall Plants and Flowers beside Swimming Pool

The choice of plants around your pool can be a crucial factor in how to keep ducks out of the pool. Ducks typically avoid tall vegetation due to the potential for predators, making tall plants an excellent choice for your poolside landscaping. Furthermore, it is wise to avoid fruit-bearing plants that provide food sources, such as berries or nuts, as they can attract ducks and other wildlife looking for a meal.

9. Put Away Anything That Attracts Birds

However, although bird feeders and flowers enhance the appearance of your yard, they are also likely to encourage birds to establish a permanent home in your backyard. Furthermore, by providing the ducks with a bird feeder, you simply give them another reason to come to your yard or garden.

10. Invest in an Ultrasonic Pest Repellant

If you’re dealing with animals other than ducks, it may be worthwhile to get a pest repellant. These low-cost devices generate high-frequency sound that humans cannot detect but is hugely annoying to birds.

The sound effect is entirely safe for animals and serves just to startle the animal into the flight, preventing it from becoming too comfortable in your backyard oasis.

11. Rethinking Poolside Landscaping

Understanding how to keep ducks out of the pool can often begin with the garden that surrounds it. Modifying the landscape around your ground pool or inground pool can create a less welcoming environment for ducks. This doesn’t mean sacrificing aesthetics; rather, it’s about being strategic with plant placement and garden features.

Incorporating taller grasses or plants that obstruct the easy landing and takeoff paths for ducks can be a subtle yet effective means of control. By reducing the visual appeal and accessibility of your pool, you can better manage how to keep ducks out of the pool.

12. Maintaining Water Quality as a Duck Deterrent

The clarity and quality of your pool’s water play a pivotal role in how to keep ducks out of the pool. Ducks are attracted to water sources that provide food, such as algae and water bugs. By keeping your pool clean and well-balanced with the appropriate pool chemicals, you create a less attractive environment for ducks searching for a habitat. Regular pool maintenance is not only essential for the longevity of your pool but also as a method for how to keep ducks out of the pool.

13. Creating the Illusion of Human Presence

Part of the strategy for how to keep ducks out of the pool is to make your pool area seem active even when it’s not. This can involve automated pool cleaners and pool toys that move intermittently, mimicking activity. Ducks are cautious animals and tend to avoid busy areas where there is a lot of movement and noise. By harnessing pool equipment to create this illusion, you’re taking proactive steps in how to keep ducks out of the pool.

14. Incorporating Duck Repellents into Pool Care

In your search for methods on how to keep ducks out of the pool, don’t overlook the power of repellents. These can be as simple as floating devices that create ripples or ultrasonic sound emitters that are unpleasant to ducks. When these repellents are part of your routine pool maintenance, they can act as a gentle yet effective deterrent, contributing to the broader strategy of how to keep ducks out of the pool.

15. Natural Predators as Allies

Another natural solution for how to keep ducks out of the pool involves leveraging the presence of predator species. Real or fake decoys of hawk or owl can be enough to discourage ducks from stopping by your pool. Encouraging natural predators to frequent your garden not only contributes to the ecological balance but also aids in how to keep ducks out of the pool.

16. Collaborative Wildlife Management

Finally, if you’re considering how to keep ducks out of the pool as part of a larger wildlife issue in your area, collaboration with local wildlife services can offer a more comprehensive approach. Community-wide efforts can lead to sustainable solutions that address how to keep ducks out of the pool without harming the local ecosystem. Such collaborative efforts could become a model for environmentally responsible wildlife management.

Each of these strategies can play a part in how to keep ducks out of the pool. When integrated effectively, they work in concert to create an environment that naturally repels ducks. The essence of these methods lies in their non-intrusive nature, aiming to achieve a duck-free pool without disrupting the harmony of your outdoor space or the local wildlife. It’s about finding a balance that respects nature while protecting your tranquil pool area.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are there any natural repellents for ducks?

Yes, some people use grape extract-based products, as the smell and taste are unpleasant to ducks.

Do motion-activated sprinklers work to deter ducks?

Yes, motion-activated sprinklers can be effective in startling ducks and discouraging them from settling in your pool area.

Are there any plants that deter ducks?

Planting tall, dense shrubs around your pool can create a physical barrier that ducks may find uninviting.

How can I clean my pool after ducks have been in it?

Remove any debris and treat the water with appropriate pool chemicals. You may need to shock the pool.

Will a dog keep ducks out of the pool?

Dogs can be a deterrent, but it’s not a foolproof method and depends on the dog’s temperament.

Bottom Line

Implementing some or all of the steps mentioned in this article will eventually help you to keep the ducks out of your pool. However, if you want to keep the ducks out of your yard permanently, it’s important to choose the option that will fit you best.

Suppose you’re looking for a long-term solution. You may want to consider automatic pool cleaners or ultrasonic pest repellers. But if it’s simply a short-term and frequent fix you want, duck off chemicals, and fake inflatable toys will be the best answer. 

You can find articles about swimming pool safety and maintenance on our website. Here are a few to get you started.

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